The Top 5 Social Media Reporting Tools for Local Business Marketers

Mar 10, 2015

Like many aspects of digital marketing, effective social media marketing requires feedback to help you get and stay on track with your campaigns. It’s difficult, if not impossible to know exactly what is and isn’t working without meaningful data that measures your social media efforts.

Top 5 Social Media Reporting Tools

How many fans and followers are you adding each month? Which type of post is attracting the most engagement? What social network is responsible for generating the most shares of your content? What are the best times and days to post on your various social accounts? If you don’t know the answer to basic questions like these, you’re short-changing yourself as well as your social media campaigns.

Given the sheer number of social media reporting tools available, there’s simply no reason for any social marketer to continue to operate in the dark. If you’re ready to start making more sense of social media and improving your results, here in no particular order is a select list of five of the best free and low-cost social analytics tools available.

Cyfe is a unique analytics tool that actually allows you to create a custom dashboard that can track whatever social media metric you want – brand mentions, number of followers over time, audience demographics, likes, clicks, and plenty more. Pre-built widgets for the most popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram allow you to quickly and easily set up monitoring and tracking for all of your social accounts in one convenient dashboard. Your first 5 widgets are free – an upgraded account offers unlimited widgets for $19 per month.

The name says it all – Mention allows you to monitor in real time everything that’s being said about your brand across the Web. You receive automatic alerts, and can easily respond to your brand mentions as they occur. Mention helps you analyze your online visibility as well as monitor your competitor’s stats. A basic free plan is available that includes one user, one alert, and 250 mentions per month.

Sprout Social
SproutSocial is a multi-task social media management suite that offers tools for engagement and content publishing in addition to social reporting (analytics). Reporting features include detailed demographics, and the ability to benchmark your progress against competitors for influence, number of followers, and engagement metrics. An impressive team management feature makes it easy to coordinate activities among your entire social media team. A variety of service options are available, with prices ranging from $39 to $99 per month.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is not only one of the best website analytics tools available, you simply can’t beat the price – it’s totally free. If you’re concerned with tracking the return-on-investment of your social media efforts, you need to be using Google Analytics. Its user-friendly interface enables you to easily retrieve actionable data such as which social channels are referring traffic to your web pages, and how many of those visitors are being converted.

NOD3X is a crazy name for a no-nonsense social analytics tool. One important feature that sets NOD3X apart from the competition is that its entry-level packages are focused primarily on Google+ and YouTube – two social channels that have been typically overlooked by most social media analytic software designers. The NOD3X suite offers brand monitoring, sentiment analysis, and page insights for profile as well as brand pages. You can get started with NOD3X for free, and upgrade your account to include additional social channels beyond Google+ and YouTube.