The Importance of Marketing and Sales Automation for Small Business

Oct 9, 2015

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

When it comes to buying or selling, the new client doesn’t know they need you. With the plethora of instruction and information to be found online, clients are informed, so it’s important that you find ways to reach out to the to let them know the value that you offer their transactions.

Online marketing has become a foundation of businesses with regard to prospect marketing and lead generation programs. With that in mind, it’s important that your company stay up-to-date with powerful marketing strategies pave a clear-cut way for the consumer.

But how do you market online? How to you keep ahead of the pack when it comes to reaching clients who are all overwhelmed with the sales completion. Marketing automation.

Maybe the most influential tool that sales associates and marketing professionals can use to bring in the crowds — marketing automation. In fact, these automated systems are probably more promising for the sales force that they are for the marketing team. See Marketing Automation Definition.

For instance, when marketing becomes automated, the possibilities become unlimited. Listed below are the reasons why a small business should focus on marketing and sales automation:

Ideas for Marketing Automation


Because the prospect doesn’t view a conversation with a sales representative are a priority, it’s important that the sales team make themselves readily available and offer the potential client with interesting, useful information.

With that said, this is where marketing automation comes into play. It can frame the sales outreaches it works to provide a prospect with updates that are targeted to their individual online activity. Let’s say a user decides to download a form or even make a request online for information, your website’s automation will recognize that specific behavior. And, dependent upon the automation set-up, the automation functions to alert your company’s sales representatives that it’s time to make a move, and fast!

Not only will this automation system decrease the amount of response time (allowing your prospect to travel along to another agent), but it can also ensure that you’re fully prepared when you do contact the customer.


Successfully lining up your business’s marketing and sales may be among the top three elements of your entire marketing plan. When you align these teams you are generating a complete customer experience. When these teams are together and aligned in a way that creates harmony, you ensure that your prospect’s service is consistent and their expectations are exceeded. Basically, your entire operation will then become a streamlined, effective force to reckon with.

Lead Scoring

There are times that a lead can be pounced upon far too quickly. Not every single prospect is ready to have a conversation, even if they sent in a contact-me form or downloaded an eBook from your site.

The solution to this problem will align with your sales and marketing functions, with regards to consistency and alignment. The response to this puzzling element (the browser prospect, or one who doesn’t want to be contacted right away) is to have sales and marketing professionals who are experienced and qualified to handle each client’s need. With that in mind, it’s important that the marketing automation is set up in a way to offers the sales and marketing force a lead scoring system. A proficient marketing automation system offers the team this information and works to increase a lead’s score based on their behavior.

And automation score system ensures that leads are assigned with a priority factor. For instance, a simple questionnaire that ask a customer if they’re looking to buy or sell a home within the next month, 3-months, or year. When the automation system gathers enough information, the sales and marketing team will know how and when to proceed with contact.

Client Value

Even though many new clients and prospects are well-informed (some with the idea that they simply don’t need representation), it’s important for you to make the client feel valued and important. They may be savvy, educated, and ready, but they also have a need to feel important and valued by the company serving them.
Self-service, as with marketing automation, doesn’t mean that the customer doesn’t need you. Without a doubt, customers don’t generally want to hear from your sales team. However, when they do hear from you, you better be prepared to offer them valuable information.
Perhaps sending the customer an interesting and helpful email would be the alternative to a phone call. Either way, it’s important that you are armed and ready to give them the works when you make contact.


  • Austin Grady

    Your approach requires a lot more thought than just capturing a name, email address and phone number.I especially like the idea of being prepared to provide a prospective buyer with a positive experience wherever they are in the transaction process. I can see a lot of benefits to automating online marketing in this way.