How to Generate Leads with Social Media

Jan 29, 2015

While social media is primarily a real-time forum for engaging in two-way conversations with present and potential customers, it can also be a potent lead generating machine in the right hands. In some respects, it’s actually easier to convince someone to respond to your call to action when they are already engaging with you socially. Just as social media marketing in general requires a different approach than traditional marketing methods, successful social media lead generation typically calls for a lighter, more subtle touch than the more traditional approach to collecting leads.
generate leads with social media
The social media landscape as a whole is growing at the rate of 40 to 50 percent each year, making it increasingly more difficult for brands to be heard above the clutter. Despite the crowded playing field, businesses that are able to command the attention of social users can reap some truly impressive lead conversion results. According to one study:

  • Website traffic coming from social media networks spend 48 percent more time on site that the average visitor.
  • The bounce rate for social media visitors is 80 percent lower than the average visitor.
  • Social media visitors view 31 percent more web pages per session than the average visitor.
  • The overall conversion rate for social media visitors is 39 percent greater than the average visitor.

Generating Leads with Facebook
Optimize your business Page’s cover photo. People typically spend more time on the top one-third of the page, and that’s exactly where your highest-quality cover photo needs to be. Because we read left to right, you’ll want to place a strong call-to-action (CTA) towards the upper left corner of the page.

Don’t use ads to try to hard-sell your audience. People are more likely to click on a less salesy ad that links to useful content with a CTA included at the end of the article. If you decide to go with paid Facebook ads, stick with News Feed ads – they have a much higher click-through rate than the right-hand sidebar ads.

Use a strong, clear-cut CTA. Include a colorful eye-catching graphic, a strong headline that promises solid value, and a clear CTA that makes it easy to respond to.

Attract More Leads with Twitter
Research keywords and hashtags. Compile a list of keywords and hashtags relevant to your business name, product names, and competitive brand and product names. Conduct a search on Twitter to identify and target users who may have an interest in hearing from you. Retweet their content and make use of @mentions to make a personal connection. An advanced search can help you find super-targeted people nearby who are tweeting about the very products and services you offer.

Use Twitter Lead Generation Cards. They allow you up to 200 characters of text, and you can even add images and videos. Twitter Cards are a great tool for building an email list – whenever a card is clicked, it auto-populates with the user’s email address. Encourage clicks by creating an irresistible offer for your followers.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Tips
Optimize your profile presence. If your profile reads like a resume, you’re totally missing the lead generation boat. Prospects care about what you can do for them, not what you’ve done in the past. Speak directly to your prospects with solutions to the problems that they need to have solved.

Use content to position yourself as a thought leader. Challenge your audience to re-examine their positions. Stand out from the crowd by writing in an opinion-editorial style instead of the “how to” or “top 10 mistakes” style common to far too many LinkedIn articles. Go out of your way to provide ideas and solutions that your audience can’t find anywhere else.