How to Build Your Business with Webinars

Jun 19, 2015

As a digital marketer, you have a variety of channels to choose from to promote your brand and spotlight your products and services. From SEO, email, and social media to content marketing, video, and pay-per-click advertising – there’s no shortage of potential marketing vehicles to spread your marketing investment across. Your biggest headache might well be simply narrowing down the list of potential marketing vehicles that are vying for a chunk of your budget.

how to Build Your Business with Webinars

One frequently overlooked marketing channel that has few equals in terms of boosting your reach among potential customers and growing trust and authority for your brand is the webinar. While webinars have been around in one form or another for a number of years, the technology behind them has evolved and improved to the point that webinars are now an affordable and effective communications tool well deserving of a prominent place in your marketing mix.

How Effective are Webinars?

  • According to a study released by the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, digital marketers rank webinars as the third most effective marketing tool, ahead of both company blogs and website articles.
  • Webinars are video-driven, and has found that viewers retain up to 95 percent of information contained in a video, compared to an average retention rate of just 10 percent for text-only information.

6 Ways Webinars can Help Boost Your Bottom Line
1. Generate Leads – A webinar is a great way to quickly build an email list of prospects when you promote and share your webinar through your social media networks. In addition to the immediate leads generated by your webinar, your list enables you to continue to market to webinar attendees long after your event has ended.

2. Build Credibility – Webinars give you the opportunity to build credibility and authority for your brand. A well laid-out webinar can effectively deliver a large amount of valuable information to a captive audience of interested prospects in a way that establishes you as the go-to authority for your particular industry or niche.

3. Boost Brand Awareness – A webinar that offers useful information about a topic of concern to prospective customers is an effective way to increase top-of-mind awareness of your brand. Brand awareness is a critical first step in converting prospects into customers.

4. Increase Your Reach – Webinars enable you to introduce your brand to a fresh audience who may have never heard of you otherwise. New prospects who have demonstrated an interest in your subject matter by attending your webinar are prime candidates for conversion.

5. Boost Direct Sales – If your product or service lends itself to a one-step online sale, a webinar with a value-driven call to action could provide an immediate boost to your sales stream, in addition to generating leads for later follow-up by your sales team.

6. Add to Your Online Marketing Resources – By recording each of your webinars, you’ll be able to gain additional marketing traction by sharing them with your website visitors, email list, blog audience, and social media followers. Depending on the strength of your webinar content, you might even be able to pick up valuable SEO-boosting backlinks.

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