Email Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

Mar 26, 2015

The days of traditional marketing are fast fading into the sunset and a new advertising day is dawning. With a big shift in business activity to the Internet, companies are looking for creative ways to reach a potentially vast number of current and potential clients as effectively and efficiently as possible. One of the most popular and cost effective marketing tools being used today is email marketing.

effective email marketing

The advantages of Email Marketing
Any communications made via email should be considered personal by nature. It’s really no different from calling someone’s cell phone and leaving a message. Some would argue that the existence of SPAM makes it less than personal. However, that argument would hold water only if most people didn’t view SPAM as a nuisance and a violation of their privacy. As it stands, email marketing does allow companies to reach out to a predetermined group of customers and prospects with a low-key sales pitch. The targeted group of recipients are able to view the advertising material at their convenience, which takes the sales pressure off them. Additionally, sending emails is cost efficient and often provides recipients with easy access to product and contact information.

Email Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business
For any marketing program to be considered effective, it needs to have a positive impact on the company’s profitability and growth trajectory. That applies to email marketing programs as well. Here are some email marketing tips that are designed to help grow the business.

1. Give the Recipient Choices – Nothing damages a company’s reputation quicker than sending out unwanted correspondence. You should keep your email list clean and updated, making an effort to confirm recipient receptiveness to getting emails and providing them with an easy process for unsubscribing.

2. Avoid a SPAM Designation – Most email users dump their SPAM folder sight unseen. It is important to follow SPAM protocol in order to avoid having your advertisements classified as such. Otherwise, you are wasting your time and efforts with no potential rewards in the offering.

3. Minimal Use of Images – The use of abundant images creates a couple of different problems. It uses up valuable space for something that might not get seen because so many email users use image filters. Secondly, the use of images takes away from the personal aspects of the email, making them seem like just another piece of unwanted advertisements.

4. Keep Emails Short and Concise – If you can effectively convey what the company is offering in a limited amount of space, you will drastically improve the probability that others will take the time to read what has been sent. You can also gain benefits by highlighting key information, which is going to save the reader time.

5. Provide Proper Links – The purpose of your email is to generate website traffic and sales. It is important that you provide the proper links and contact information so your customers can easily find their way to the proper place.

6. Provide a “Text-Only Version of the Email With Submissions – In this day and age, people are less interested in the bells and whistles. When you send out emails, you should piggyback a HTML version for easy access via mobile devices or for those who just want to read text.

7. Be as Persistent as Recipients Will Allow – Through a bit of useful analysis, you should be able to determine your email group’s tolerance for receiving emails on a frequent basis. Without annoying your customer base, send out emails as frequently as possible. It helps to compensate for missed emails and allows the recipients more opportunities to contemplate offers.

By following at least some of these tips, you should be able to build an effective, targeted email marketing program. Above all else, you want to be vigilant and flexible enough to make changes when the program is not rendering the desired results.