Boost Your Social Media Engagement with Visual Content

Jan 22, 2015

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. While no one can say exactly when or where the phrase originated, it certainly applies to social media content. Visual content is the primary driving force behind social media, almost to the exclusion of text.

Research tell us that 90 percent of the information received by the human brain is visual in nature, and that these visuals are processed an estimated 60,000 times faster than text. Whatever information you wish to communicate, presenting your content in an image format will get your point across quicker and retained longer than a text message alone.

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How Visual Content Drives Your Social Media Campaign
The success of your social media marketing effort is largely dependent on your ability to create and deliver relevant image content.

  • Posts to Facebook that contain a strong visual element receive an average of twice the number of comments than all-text posts.
  • A photo album on Facebook receives 180 percent more engagement from followers than a normal post.
  • Images are a less threatening way to inspire and encourage audience participation than an all-text approach. Infographics generate on average 120 to 180 percent more engagement than text-only posts.
  • Photo posts generate 80 percent higher click-through rates than text and link posts.
  • Letting visuals do the talking is a highly effective way to boost engagement. Posts with fewer than 250 characters receive an average of 60 percent more engagement than longer text posts.

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Use Visuals to Illustrate Your Brand’s Tagline
While most brands have text-based taglines, very few social marketers are using the power of visuals to illustrate their brand tagline. Visuals that reinforce the text tagline add a dash of excitement as well as help demonstrate the meaning of your tagline. An analysis of Red Bull’s social media efforts found that while photos accounted for a mere 5 percent of all posts, they delivered an impressive 90 percent of all engagement across Facebook and Twitter.

Use Visuals to Show What You’re Selling
If your brand lends itself to visual display, use photos to illustrate its features and benefits. Show the product in use, and let images tell your product story.

Combine Text with Relevant Images
Combine a short descriptive phrase of what gets consumers excited about your brand with a relevant visual to create a text overlay that shows while it explains. When you pair exciting visuals with text that reinforces your brand as well as the sentiments of your customers, you have a powerful tool for effective engagement.

Invite Your Followers to Share Their Images
User-generated content not only gets your followers involved, it’s a great way to showcase your product in use by happy customers. A photo contest is an effective way to get more people engaged with your brand, identify potential brand influencers, and create an incentive for your audience to check back to follow the progress of your campaign.

Plan Ahead with Targeted Content Ideas
No matter what type of audience you’re targeting, there are plenty of opportunities for leading the charge with timely content that will appeal to your community’s interests. When you define your target audience, go one step further and identify the type of events that they will likely be interested in hearing about. Find or create relevant images ahead of time, and you’ll be one step ahead of the competition on the day of the event.