6 Ways to Generate More Leads with Your LinkedIn Company Page

Jan 13, 2015

LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network catering to business and professional people. With more than 200 million registered users and over three million organizations represented with a Company Page, LinkedIn is the one social media tool that you can’t afford to ignore if your company markets products or services to other businesses.

A LinkedIn Company Page enables you to engage your followers with company news and useful relevant content that spotlights your expertise. This is quality engagement of the highest order – research indicates that 50 percent of LinkedIn users are more likely to purchase from a company that they have engaged with through LinkedIn. What’s more, your search engine rankings are more likely to see an improvement because LinkedIn pages typically rank well in company searches.

get leads with linkedin company page

Power Lead Tactic #1: Add a Custom Banner with a Strong Call to Action
LinkedIn allows you to add up to 3 different linkable banners to your company profile. With this option you can direct your LinkedIn traffic to any type of targeted landing page you choose:

  • Share a special report or new case study.
  • Highlight and link to a new blog post of particular interest to your audience.
  • Highlight customer reviews and link to the testimonials page of your website.

Power Lead Tactic #2: Create Customized Content and Calls to Action
You can deliver customized content on your Products and Services page to different LinkedIn audiences based on geography, job function, company size, industry, and seniority. This feature allows you to deliver targeted content with an appropriate call to action to those specific LinkedIn members who are the most likely to be interested in reading your message.

Power Lead Tactic #3: Add the LinkedIn Lead Collection Widget
LinkedIn provides a handy lead collection widget that can be added to the top of your landing page, and allows users to request a follow-up on LinkedIn with a single click. The widget is a fast and easy method of obtaining email addresses, and is particularly well-suited for the mobile device user.

Power Lead Tactic #4: Post Status Updates at Peak Engagement Times
LinkedIn members typically get the greatest engagement from their status updates with morning posts, with evening posts gaining increased traction from mobile and iPad app users. These peak engagement times may not apply to every situation, so vary your posting times throughout the day to determine the best times to reach the highest engagement levels with your particular audience.

Power Lead Tactic #5: Send Targeted Custom Emails
Through the LinkedIn Sponsored InMail option you can effortlessly send custom emails directly to those members who are the most likely to respond to your message. All you have to do is write your message, add your link URL and specify your target audience. LinkedIn handles the delivery of your message, and even delivers a notification to each recipient about an important message in their inbox. Members can only receive one Sponsored InMail in a 60 day period so your message is guaranteed to not get lost in the crowd.

Power Lead Tactic #6: Allow Members to Contact You Without Leaving LinkedIn
LinkedIn allows you to designate up to three company employees to receive messages from your product pages. This means that members can quickly connect with your company without having to leave your LinkedIn page, while you collect their contact information without requiring them to complete a form on your website.