Will Being More Social Increase the Number of Leads?

May 6, 2014

For some companies, the answer is yes. Social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will help companies generate interest in a product or service that is not normally generated. When people talk about the products and services, they will generate interest in the community and generate more sales. Social media can increase the number of leads if you follow a simple strategy. Here are some tips:

  • Understand the Prevalence of Social Media in Business
  • social media engagementNinety-three percent of marketers are using social media for business. Since the adult groups between that ages of 45 and 54 are growing the fastest, it’s important to ensure that this group is targeted properly for sales. It’s important to know that 55 percent of the age group are on one social network.

  • Recognize the Popular Search Networks
  • You should recognize the popular social networks available. Facebook, Google+, and Twitter are the most popular social networks available. YouTube, LinkedIn, and blogging are the second-most popular tier of social media marketing. If you market to all of the popular search engines including Flickr, StumbleUpon, and Tumblr, you will gain a significant amount of interest through likes or followers. These likes can increase traffic and sales conversions by increasing the website ranking and also by increasing exposure.

    While more marketers are active in social media outlets, consumers are catching on to the craze. For instance, 86 percent of marketers and 58 percent of consumers have liked a page. Sixty-one percent of marketers and 12 percent of consumers will follow on brand at least online. Since each of the networks provide access to millions to billions of users, there is more potential to reach a large group of people. In fact, Facebook will provide access to one billion.

  • Potential to Target Advertise Easier
  • Social networkers are more likely to be involved in events where businesses can capture a targeted market. For instance, social networkers are more likely by 18 percent to engage in fitness activities in a gym or health club. This means you can potentially sell products or services easier to this group. They are also 26 percent more likely to provide their opinions about politics and current events, which means predictions about elections can be made easier.

  • Social Media Recommendations are a Great Place for Leads
  • Keep in mind that nearly half of social media users will follow their online friends’ service and product recommendations. This is a great way to increase leads, and it’s why three-fourths of all marketers intend to incorporate social media and social networking sites. Over sixty percent of these same marketers will also focus on blogs and SEO work.

Will Being More Social Increase the Number of Leads?

Yes, it will increase the number of leads if it’s approached properly. It’s not a guarantee, but most business owners do witness an increase in the number of leads. With an increase in leads, business owners are more likely to view a greater number of sales conversions.