Why You Should Think Beyond Links and Build Your Brand with Guest Blogging

Jun 19, 2014

Back linking has long been one of the most important tools for improving your ranking in the search engine results. Unfortunately, link building in general and guest blogging in particular have been aggressively targeted by Google’s team of spam busters. As a result, improper linking and guest blogging practices will eventually get your site penalized with lower rankings if not banned altogether from Google’s search results.

The good news is that neither linking nor guest blogging are dead – they’ve simply evolved, and if done correctly, can still help you build your business. The key concept going forward is to stop thinking in terms of building links, and focus on the bigger and more rewarding tactic of using guest blogging as a means of building your brand.

How Guest Blogging Builds Your Brand

brand building
Guest blogging is simply contributing an original article about your niche or field of interest to another website. Even if guest blogging no longer directly helps your own website rank better in the search engine results, it remains a powerful tool for building and maintaining your brand.

  • Most people use search engines to find information that either helps them find the answer to a specific question or enables them to solve a particular problem. The better known your brand becomes through guest blogging, the more authority you have both in the eyes of Google and its users.
  • With this authority comes trust, and with this trust comes the possibility that your brand will be the one that these prospects will turn to when considering a purchase.

The Correct Way to Guest Blog

  • Forget about links and focus on building your brand and your online reputation. Do a good job of getting the word out through your guest blogging and quality links will eventually follow.
  • Make sure that everything is relevant to your niche or target market. This includes the site you’re considering writing the guest blog for, the article itself, and the page on your site where any links will be directed to.
  • Focus your guest blogging efforts on the highest authority sites relevant to your niche that you can find. Specifically, you’re looking for those sites with high reader engagement, as evidenced by the quantity and quality of the comments, as well as the number of shares the other posts are getting.
  • Limit the links back to your site to the ‘author box’ at the bottom of your post. Avoid using keyword-rich anchor text links; stick with your company name, ‘click here’ or the URL of the page you’re linking to. Be sure to use ‘nofollow’ links.

Getting Started with Guest Blogging

  • The best way to start building your reputation as a source of quality content is with your own company blog. To get the most SEO juice from your efforts, your blog should be part of your main business website and not on a third-party blogging platform.
  • Once you have a number of quality posts under your belt that demonstrate your knowledge and writing abilities, you can start exploring guest blogging possibilities with other relevant authority blogs in your niche.
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