Why is Yelp Against Asking for Reviews?

May 20, 2014

Yelp is against asking people to write reviews because it may offend some customers and ruin the business relationship. Instead, they want people to write reviews when they feel compelled. The problem with this strategy is that most people only write reviews when they feel angry or upset with the service they received, and this is why there has to be a happy-medium established. Here are some other reasons why Yelp is against asking for reviews.

  1. Diminishes Trust
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    Some customers may not trust you if you ask for reviews because most business owners are only willing to ask for reviews from customers they know are pleased. Because customers recognize that the reviews are self-selected, they are less likely to trust what is said about the company in the reviews. Every savvy customer knows that no business is perfect and will eventually end up making a mistake. If all of the reviews are positive, they’ll think that they were self-selected. This is one of the primary reasons why Yelp is against asking for reviews.

  3. Solicited Review are More Likely to Get Filtered
  4. Solicited reviews are often filtered by the automated review filter. Yelp tries to help users distinguish between real and fake reviews. Yelp doesn’t think there’s any value in a review that’s written while a member of the company is looking over your shoulder. The primary benefit of Yelp is to connect people with local businesses. Customers have to trust the content posted, or business owners will appear less credible. This is another reason why Yelp discourages review solicitation.

How to Encourage Reviews Without Directly Asking

Word-of-mouth recommendations are powerful, and they are typically not solicited. If you tell someone to simply check out Yelp, this is considered constructive. Asking them to write a review is not constructive. Restaurants have also offered a discount to entice customers to write a review on Yelp. This is allowed, but it still is not ideal in Yelp’s opinion because it’s somewhat like bribery. This method may backfire because it may be misconstrued by customers as being offensive. A company’s goal is to maximize trustworthiness of a site and its content.

Yelp will aggressively filter out reviews that may ruin the validity of the site, but often, this is not enough. Companies instead are encouraged to unlock their free business pages and add information about the company as well as photographs. Yelp business owners can promote themselves in such a way to entice their customers and also get reviews. If business owners focus on responding to reviews and customer service, they are more likely to appear credible. Just keep in mind that the best reviews are not solicited.

Why is Yelp Against Asking for Reviews?

Yelp is against asking for reviews because it causes customers to think that the reviews might be duplicitous in one way or another. You can always encourage customers to visit your company on Yelp or embed a badge on your website to generate more interest or as part of your Internet marketing campaign to increase visibility. Any of these methods are considered feasible when asking for reviews.