What Are the Benefits of Writing Multipart Blog Posts

Jan 16, 2014

If you spent much time blogging or reading blogs, you’ve probably noticed that every now and then there will be bloggers who post multi part posts. In other words, over a period of several days they will publish posts that have “Part One”, “Part Two”, and so on. Some people might wonder why this is necessary. After all, could the blogger simply combine all of that information into one blog post? The answer of course is yes, but there is a caveat. Writing a longer blog post is not always advisable. In fact, there are many benefits to writing multipart blog posts.

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Reader Interest Is Sustained

One of the benefits of creating a multipart blog post is the reader interest tends to be sustained over the course of the series. If there is an interesting subject to write about that will hold your reader’s interest, it is very likely that they will tune in and read the entire series of blog posts. In a sense, it’s a bit like creating a textual television series. Each post becomes like an episode, and readers are more likely to tune in to your blog to see what comes next.

You Can Write Shorter Posts

Writing a shorter post might seem like the lazy way out, but in actuality it is doing your readers a huge favor. Most people do not have the time to sit down and read a blog post that last for several pages. So, by breaking it up into a multipart blog post you give them the option of only reading a little bit each day. Of course, it does have the added benefit of being less time that you have to spend per day at the keyboard, as well.

Cultivates New Readership

Additionally, having a multipart blog post cultivates new interest and new readership. Sometimes, people who search for certain subjects and find the second part or third part of a blog series decide to go back and read the entire series of posts. From there, they may go on to read other things that you have posted in the past. By drying in readership in this way, you can cultivate new followers and readers of your blog.

Allows for Topic Exploration

Another benefit of having a multipart blog post is the ability to explore a topic that you’re interested in more fully than you would be able to in one single post. This is particularly helpful if you write on a niche topic. For instance, if you host a blog that talks about ocean animals and you want to write about orca whale, one single blog post would only allow you to cover the very basic facts about that animal. However, breaking down the subject into a multipart blog post would allow you to cover subtopics like behavior, eating habits, location, and so on in more detail. This allows you to give more complete information on a subject to your readership distributed across several days in small portions.

Improves Your SEO

Another way in which multipart blog posts can help you is that they improve your SEO. Search engines like to direct people to pages that have a very specific focus. Writing about animals in general is not going to help you too much. Writing about ocean animals is a little bit better. Writing about the orca whale is even better. And writing about the eating habits of the orca whale is perfection. The more specific page is, the more likely it is that a search engine will be able to find it relevant for a user’s search. Breaking a larger topic up into subtopics through multipart blog posts can help you create pages with a very specific focus.

Create a Conversation

Another benefit of multipart blog posts is that it allows you to create a conversation among your blog readers more easily. If you post every day or several times a week, by the time you write one post there is very little time in which your readers can discuss the topic you wrote about before a new topic comes up. By breaking up a subject into smaller posts over a period of days or weeks, depending on your posting schedule, you allow your readers to engage in a far deeper discussion of topics that matter to them. This is a great way to cultivate a loyal readership, to find out which issues are important to your readers, and to encourage user engagement.

There are many more benefits to writing multipart blog posts, but the above reasons are the top six. No matter what you do online, whether it’s personal or professional, you want to encourage user engagement, improve your SEO, maintain a positive reputation, and provide relevant and interesting content. Hosting a blog and creating multipart posts is a great way to obtain all of these results.