Three Reasons Why Mobile Paid Search Advertising is Booming

Jul 24, 2014

You don’t need a research study to tell you that mobile devices are literally taking over the world. Everywhere you look you can see people from all walks of life talking and texting as they go about their everyday lives.

This addiction to the mobile device is carrying over into how people shop for goods and services. A world of shopping choices is literally no more than a few clicks away and accessible to the buying public at any time and any place – which is how they want it.

    mobile ppc
  • Ad clicks through mobile devices are projected to account for a full 50 percent of Google’s total paid search volume by 2015.
  • Paid search clicks from mobile devices almost doubled during 2013 compared to the previous year.
  • Mobile advertising is expected to account for more than a third of total paid search budgets during 2014, reflecting the growing dominance of mobile search as the preferred search marketing platform.

How Mobile Paid Search Advertising Benefits Your Business

  • About 46 percent of online searchers use a mobile device exclusively when seeking information before making a purchase.
  • According to a recent Google study, 59 percent of users who perform a mobile search for a given company will visit that store within a day of their search.
  • About 18 percent of those mobile searches will result in a sale.

As powerful as these statistics are, it gets even better. The most recent studies show that 52 percent of all small to medium-sized businesses do not have a website, and of those business websites, only a paltry 6 percent are mobile optimized.

This represents a tremendous opportunity for mobile optimized website owners to dominate their local market areas.

  • Google offers mobile paid search advertisers lower per click rates than those available for desktop campaigns.
  • You have a better opportunity to stand out and really dominate local mobile searches due to the lower volume of competition. With a maximum of five results displayed on each mobile search results page, there are less ads competing for the user’s attention.
  • Google provides a variety of options that will help improve your click-through rate. These sitelink extensions include click-to-call ads which allow users to reach you by telephone with a single click, and location extensions which generate detailed instructions for finding your store.

Tips for a More Effective Mobile Paid Search Campaign

  • While website load time is always an important consideration, it’s absolutely critical to the success of your mobile campaigns; mobile users on the go are simply not going to wait around for a slow site to load. Page Speed Online from Google measures your site’s load speed and offers mobile-specific recommendations for improvements.
  • When you start creating your AdWords ads, be sure that you have opted into the Mobile option. This will optimize your ads for different types of mobile devices and provide a better user experience.
  • Highlight “mobile” in your text ad. This lets searchers know that they can expect a good mobile experience, and can increase your click-through rate by as much as 200 percent.