Three Reasons for Not Attacking Matt Cutts

Apr 24, 2014

we love matt cuttsMatt Cutts, for the benefit of everyone who just arrived here from another galaxy, is the official face of Google’s spam squad. Their apparent mission is to police the World Wide Web and rid it of spam regardless of cost or consequence. Needless to say, as the official spokesperson for Google, Cutts is the most visible target for the digital community’s anger and frustration over the search engine giant’s policies and practices.

Cutts was recently interviewed for an online article about the tools and applications that he uses to “get stuff done.” In keeping with the site’s format, he offered up a number of his favorite resources, which were presented in the form of outbound links.

And the screaming began. When the post went live, irate SEOs and webmasters unleashed a flood of pent-up anger and frustration over their treatment at the hands of Google, calling Matt Cutts a hypocrite for his use of so many keyword-rich anchor text links in his interview. The irony here is that Google arbitrarily punishes webmasters who stand accused of over-using keyword-rich anchor texts in their link building efforts.

Was the Attack on Matt Cutts Wrong?

Shortly after the massive outburst, a poll of almost 500 SEOs and webmasters was conducted by Search Engine Roundtable.

  • 62 percent of respondents felt that the attacks on Cutts were inappropriate
  • 34 percent felt that the attacks were appropriate
  • 4 percent were unsure

Cutts is Just the Spokesperson

Many people expressed the opinion that Matt Cutts is simply a spokesperson for Google, and that the ultimate decisions about policy and procedures are out of his hands. I agree with this, at least in theory. Any spokesperson should expect to become the lightning rod for his or her cause when controversy arises. It goes with the territory.

Cutts Meant No Harm

Even those with no particular love for Matt Cutts expressed their belief that he was simply trying to provide genuinely useful information to the reading audience. This is a laudable goal, I agree, but I have a problem generating much empathy for the man when I review some of his past history.

  • Cutts has such a knack for talking around an issue that he makes me wonder what political office he’s running for. This is not a good trait for an official spokesperson of a multibillion-dollar company to have.
  • Cutts is unforgivably arrogant. Pride and self-confidence are wonderful traits to have, but you don’t have to rub people’s faces in them.

Cutts Deserves to be Treated with Respect

One of the founding fathers of our country said that while he might disagree with what you have to say, he would defend to the death your right to say it. I guess that sums up my feelings about the Matt Cutts controversy. While I disagree with some of the things he has to say, and dislike the manner in which he says them, I can respect his right to appear in a public forum and present his ideas.