The Top Four Reasons Why You Should Reject Guest Blog Post Requests

Mar 11, 2014

It’s your blog. The two most important assets you have are your loyal readership and your good standing with the search engines. You could be putting one or both at risk without carefully weighing the pros as well as the cons before you even consider accepting guest blog posts. Here are four of the most compelling reasons for saying NO to guest posting requests for your blog.

Poor Quality of Writing

It’s one thing to come up with a worthwhile idea for a blog post, and quite another to have the ability to present that idea in an informative as well as interesting manner. Any potential guest post must meet the same high standards for structure and grammar that you demand of yourself. Your audience expects nothing less.

    Guest Blog Post Requests
  • Allow enough time to review any guest posts before you publish them.
  • Guest posts should stand on their own merit without extensive revision by you or by the writer. A few minor corrections is one thing, a complete overhaul is quite another, and should not be tolerated.
  • Create a style or post guideline sheet for guest bloggers. Don’t waste your time and reputation on someone who is unable or unwilling to follow instructions.

Too Many Guest Posts

Your audience has come to expect certain standards of quality and relevance from your blog. Unless carefully balanced, too many guest posts may dilute this trust and confidence that you have created with your readers.

  • Set a limit on the number of guest posts that you allow on your blog. Think of guest posts as a dash of seasoning and not the main dish.
  • Establish criteria for publishing guest posts. The idea needn’t be original but the expression and styling should be.
  • Every writer has their own voice and style which comes through in their writing. The key is to make sure that a guest blogger’s voice is not in conflict with the overall style and tone of your blog.

Loss of Traffic to Your Blog

If your blog is starting to lose traffic, carefully look at your guest posts. Mediocre post quality or irrelevant content could be the problem. Another thing to consider is the effect of your absence from the blog. Once your readers start to feel that you are too busy to bother with your blog, they will drift away.

  • If guest blogs are not creating real value for your readers, either eliminate guest posting or find better bloggers.
  • Consider a simple survey of your audience. Ask them which posts they liked and didn’t like. Find out what they would like to see in the future.

Duplicated or Irrelevant Content

Don’t risk the wrath of the search engines over duplicated or irrelevant content. It’s been said over and over again, but it bears repeating: your blog needs to provide quality content, and the more unique and relevant the better.

  • Your guideline sheet for guest bloggers should stress the importance of submitting only original and relevant content.
  • All submitted posts should be run through Copyscape to prevent search engine penalties for duplicate content.