Six Reasons to Block People Using Linked In

Mar 4, 2014

linkedin people blockerLinked In is an effective tool, but when it’s misused, what measures can be taken? Member Blocking is one answer to the misuse issue. This feature was one of the most requested features by members of LinkedIn. The reasons for blocking a member are countless, but here are six reasons to help you understand the importance of the blocking feature.

  1. A Member is Not Painting an Accurate Assessment of Your Professional Career
  2. Not everyone joins your network to endorse your credentials. They may join to spy on your network and prevent you from getting a job by supplying information about your career that is inaccurate. This is harmful. While it’s tempting to add everyone you know, it’s important that you learn to trust people before adding them to ensure that your professional career is protected.

  3. A Member is Soliciting in an UnProfessional Manner
  4. If someone is using your network to constantly sell products or services, their behavior may be unacceptable. There are times when solicitations are acceptable. In business to business sales, making relationships is a part of making a sale, but if someone is constantly selling business to consumer products, it may become a nuisance. If selling becomes like spam in your inbox, Member Blocking may be activated.

  5. A Member is Harassing or Threatening Another Member
  6. During difficult economic times, people are desperate for jobs with high-paying incomes. If a member receives rejection after rejection, the feelings of resentment may build and harassing or threatening behavior may ensue. If a member harasses or threatens you, you may block them from your account.

  7. A Member is Making False Accusations
  8. If a member is making false accusations about how you conduct yourself in the workplace, it may be time to remove them from your LinkedIn profile. This can damage your career, and you may not even realize it. You should be careful about who you trust in your career and who you add to your LinkedIn profile. If you make a mistake in judgement, you can simply block a person.

  9. You Don’t Trust the Judgement of the Individual
  10. Some people in your LinkedIn member profile are assets only at a certain level of your life. If you don’t feel that the person will be able to communicate with your C-Level contacts without fear of them ruining your reputation, you can block them with member blocking. It seems harsh, but you can save your career in this manner.

  11. A Member is Contacting Everyone on Your Team and Removing You From Your Circle
  12. Some people spy on your network with the intent of influencing them to have an allegiance with them instead of you. While this seems duplicitous, it does occur. If this happens, you can block a member and protect your network.

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Six Reasons to Block People Using Linked In’s Member Blocking Feature

If you’re not familiar with Member Blocking, you should familiarize yourself. It’s a great tool that may not be needed immediately, but if a situation occurs in the future, you’ll be prepared. Try Member Blocking to protect your career.