Is PPC the Best Starting Point for Small Businesses?

Feb 11, 2014

There are many debates about the efficacy of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) in small businesses. When considering PPC, most companies also consider how SEO or search engine optimization can help their companies improve visibility and make more sales conversions. This leads people to compare the two modalities to determine the best approach. Here is what you need to know if you’re considering PPC as an option to generate more leads for your organization.

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  1. The Cost of PPC
  2. Most small businesses do not have a lot of capital. PPC costs money. In fact, it costs as much as $20 per click. While you can bid on keywords and get some for as low as five cents per click, there is still a cost associated with the practice. In general, the more you pay per click, the more likely you’ll get leads that will result in sales conversions. This is not always the case. Many misspelled keywords and other less expensive keywords have also been effective. An expert can help you choose the best keyword for your company.

    Keep in mind that search engine optimization “SEO” can be accomplished by an in-house staff member and does not require the investment that PPC requires. This is why many companies navigate to SEO principles over PPC. It’s less expensive, but it requires more time to generate leads. If you’re a small business with limited income, PPC is not the way to go. SEO is a fixed cost and can be controlled and budgeted easier than PPC.

  3. The Immediacy of the Results
  4. Many companies use PPC because they want visibility immediately, but SEO provides more long term results. Studies have shown that visitors are more apt to click on an ad or link originating from a search engine before they would click on a banner ad or other PPC ad. In fact, visitors are three to five times more likely to enter a website through a search engine than through a PPC ad.

    SEO is better for lead generation long term, but some companies want immediate leads until the leads are generated through a search engine. This is when PPC comes in handy. In general, it’s better and more affordable to focus on SEO rather than PPC, but it doesn’t hurt to include PPC to begin the lead generation process.

  5. How It’s Implemented and Maintained
  6. PPC does not require much maintenance. Most website developers simply have to bid on the key words and pay. After this, there isn’t much maintenance. SEO, by contrast, requires building a site, optimizing content on the site, and maintaining the site by continually including new content, but it’s highly effective. References and backlinks should be used to build credibility.

Is PPC the Best Starting Point for Small Businesses?

The answer is complex. The simple answer is that it may be a good starting point, but it’s not the long term solution. Use PPC to generate leads while working on search engine optimization to land more leads in the long term. Both campaigns should be developed consecutively to achieve long-term results.