How to Use Google’s Auto Suggest Tool to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Aug 26, 2014

Whenever someone initiates a Google search by entering a term in the search window, the Auto Suggest tool opens a box below the window that contains a list of search suggestions. A user can choose one of these suggested searches by simply clicking on it. The suggestions that Google offers are based largely on what other users have previously searched for.

You can leverage the Auto Suggest tool to increase visitor traffic to your business website as well as to counteract any negative suggestions that may cost you business. By getting your desired suggestions to appear in the autocomplete box, you can help more Google searchers find your site.

google autocomplete

How the Auto Suggest Tool Works
Let’s say you operate an automobile repair shop, ULC Limos. By getting the Auto Suggest tool to suggest “ULC Limos Buena Park” whenever searchers enter “ULC Limos” in the search window, you can attract more visitors to your website. Likewise, you can influence the autocomplete box to reduce the chances of negative terms like “Tom Allen auto repair rip-off” from appearing that might damage your online reputation and drive potential customers away.

  • The Auto Suggest tool helps users save time when searching for longer search phrases, and provides additional information about the topic being searched for.
  • Spelling mistakes that might prevent an accurate return of search results can be reduced through the corrected spelling suggestions offered by the Auto Suggest tool.
  • The Auto Suggest algorithm provides suggested searches based on a combination of search frequency, search rate, search manner, and search location.
  • As the use of a given search suggestion phrase diminishes, it will gradually begin to drop off the Auto Suggest tool.
  • Search in general is now geo-specific, and search suggestions are likewise affected by the geographic location of the user.

How to Influence the Auto Suggest Tool
Select the suggestion phrase that you wish to appear in the autocomplete box and promote it across all of your digital assets such as your website, social media channels, and outbound emails. If you do any offline advertising, include your desired suggestion phrase in your call to action, and request your audience to Google it. While some people won’t bother to enter a long phrase into the search box, they might be persuaded to simply click on a link.

  • The key to influencing the Auto Suggest tool is to get users to enter your desired search terms over a period of time and from the same geographic location that you want your desired suggestions to be returned for.
  • Google Auto Suggest is highly receptive to timely news items and events of a novelty nature. Try the newjack technique of injecting an angle about your company or products into a breaking news event. Promote your story across your social media channels and various news organizations, and include your desired suggestion phrase in the anchor text.
  • Optimize at least one page of your website for your desired suggestion phrase.
  • Ask your employees, friends and family to Google your desired suggestion phrase.