How to Turn YouTube Videos into Engaging Blog Posts

Mar 25, 2014

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes, it’s faster to read a well-written blog post than to commit to watching an engaging video. Using YouTube videos to create engaging blog posts can help you capture the interest of the time-strapped audience who only has time to scan a post for the high-points. Here’s what you need to know when turning YouTube videos into engaging blog posts.

  • Watch the Video Once in Its Entirety
  • convert video to blog postYou should watch the video at least once in its entirety to get a full understanding of the subject matter. Take notes throughout the video as long as it doesn’t interfere with the gist of the video. When you have an overall understanding of the content of the video, you can move to the next stage.

  • Play Back the Video in Segments
  • Play back the video in segments, and record the high points in detail. When the high points are recorded, you’ll be able to write a blog that covers all of the essential aspects that you found by watching the video. Take copious notes to avoid wasting time reviewing the video over and over again.

  • Review the Script
  • If the script is provided, it’s best to read it to extract the information from the video. It’s easier and saves more time. Not all videos are accompanied by the written script, but it does help. Read the script and extract the important points to write your own unique blog post. You can integrate the script with current events or information you find from your research. The more information included, the richer the blog post will become.

  • Include Links to Screen Shots
  • If there are any images in the video that are particularly poignant, you can take still shots or screen shots to allow the reader to also have a visual along with the written word. This will still allow consumers to see what they need to see without committing to an entire video. Pictures can still be integrated, and the entire video post can be embedded to make the post richer.

  • Write to Your Target Audience
  • Write in a way that will appeal to your target audience. If you know that your audience is devoid of time, you should include bullet points or break the piece into small digestible paragraphs with details subheadings. This will make it easier to scan at a glance and get the basics. Though it’s shorter to watch a two hour movie than to read a novel, it requires much less time to read a short blog post than to watch a video. Thus, you must know your audience and write to engage them with the least amount of resistance.

Turn YouTube Videos into Engaging Blog Posts

You can turn your YouTube videos into engaging blog posts with little effort. You must have the time and patience to pay attention to the detail and capture the most important information from the video. If you are cognizant of the important elements, you’ll create an engaging blog posts.