How to Organically Improve Your Company’s Social Media Shares

May 1, 2014

Search engines are all about finding the most informative and relevant content about a given topic that will help answer a particular question or solve a problem for the search engine user. Businesses can improve their search engine rankings through a comprehensive content marketing strategy. Content marketing promotes quality content through a combination of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and social media channels that reinforce the authority of your website while maintaining and strengthening your position within the social community.

Social media sharing of your content is the digital equivalent of word-of-mouth advertising. When someone likes your content well enough to share it with their friends and family, it’s like receiving a seal of approval. More important, it’s something that was shared by a trusted friend, not something forced upon them by a marketer.

Sometimes really great content ‘goes viral’ and spreads across the digital landscape like a wildfire all by itself. Even without a viral explosion of your content, there are several techniques that you can put in place to help get your content shared more often and across a greater number of diverse social channels.

Organically Improve Your Company's Social Media SharesChoose Topics That People Really Care About

Be selective in your choice of what you write about, taking care to address problems and concerns that your prospects and followers are actually thinking about.

  • Use the Google Keyword Planner or similar tools to evaluate possible topics by keyword search volume.
  • Consider writing a post around the most frequently asked questions that your customers and prospects have about your product or industry.
  • Read through related industry blogs to see the most current concerns and issues people have regarding your product category.

Make Your Article Easier to Read

  • Make it easy for social influencers to get the gist of your content. Stick with shorter sentences and paragraphs.
  • Wherever possible, use bold subheads and bullet points.

Remember That Everybody Likes Pictures

  • A photo or graphic not only helps draw attention to your content, it may be the determining factor in how much it gets shared.
  • Take the time to select a decent image that illustrates the key point being made in your post. Stock photos are okay to use as long as they are relevant.

Make it Easy to Share Your Content

  • Encourage sharing of your great content by placing your social share buttons where they can be easily found.
  • Buttons on the side that scroll with your content are hard to miss and make great reminders to share your content.

Don’t be Ashamed to Prime Your Own Pump

Nobody likes be the first and social sharing is no different. Get the ball rolling and prime your sharing pump with a handful of shares. It demonstrates some degree of interest in your post and will encourage others to read and share.

Write a Compelling Headline

  • Never write your headline as an afterthought. Think it through and create a powerful headline that sells someone on wanting to read your content.
  • Your headline should not only entice the viewer to continue reading, it should give a capsule summary of what your post is all about.