How to Maximize Organic Reach in Facebook’s News Feed

May 28, 2014

Maximizing organic reach in Facebook’s news feed is often overlooked, but it’s a useful tactic to pursue. There are several ways to accomplish this goal if you’re interested in trying this approach. Here are three of the most common ways to increase organic reach.

  • Be Aware of When Your Fans are Online

  • To have the maximum effectiveness on social media, you must know when your fans are online. This may seem obvious, but so few people remember to post during peak hours. If you’re posting at 3 AM in the morning and most of your fans are viewing Facebook at 7 PM at night after work and school, you’ll miss most of your fans and the news feed will be less effective. Some fans are willing to do the work and search to view older posts, but the vast majority of fans will only view them when they are in plain view. Post during high peak periods for maximum effectiveness.

    Keep in mind that half of Facebook fans log into the site everyday, and when they log in they’ll be online for 30 to 60 minutes each session. If you only post once during the day, you’re likely to miss some of the fans. Experts suggest spacing the posts out by four hours. This will mean that you’ll post six times in a 24 hour time period to increase your odds of reaching more fans. A post at 3 AM is not bad if you have fans viewing your content at that time.

    facebook organic reach

  • Create Compelling Content

  • Compelling content is one of the ways to attract and keep visitors on your online blog. Fans will lose interest in your website if the content is not compelling. This is why it’s important to keep it fresh and new, which means that you shouldn’t repost the same thing several times a day.

    Most webmasters underestimate the power of compelling content, but many are recognizing that an educated consumer is more likely to buy products or services than consumers who do not know the value of the product in their lives. Every company has the responsibility to educate consumers and help them understand the products or services they are purchasing. Consumers are more likely to share, like, or comment on engaging content, and this process will lead to loyal customers and more sales.

  • Encourage Resharing of Old Content

  • reshare on facebook
    Sharing old content is a great way to engage with new consumers and fans. By resharing old content, new fans can also benefit from content that others viewed the first time around. In most instances, both new fans and existing fans can benefit from seeing the content again.

    With education, consumers will learn more about products and begin to trust the company. People who trust products and services will recommend them and buy more. This is the type of free advertising that everyone needs and deserves.

Follow these simple rules and maximize organic reach with Facebook’s news feed. It’s worth the time and effort. Start your campaign today.