How to Convert Your Website Visitors Into Customers

Feb 20, 2014

A website needs both a steady flow of traffic and a decent conversion rate to be successful. Conversion is simply getting your website visitors to follow a set path that will bring them closer to buying from you. Your conversion goal might be to get an email address in exchange for a free report, product sample, consultation or estimate; even an online purchase might be a reasonable goal if the product is inexpensive and already familiar to your prospect.

Assuming you are already getting traffic to your website, this guide will help you improve your conversion rate, and turn your website tire-kickers into paying customers.

Convert Your Website Visitors Into Customers

Is Your Website Conversion-Friendly?

For starters you need a landing page specifically designed to for lead generation. An effective landing page should:

  • Be uncomplicated and easy for your prospect to get to the heart of your message. Never try to promote more than one idea. Present your offer clearly and make your call to action as easy to respond to as possible.
  • Present your offer as visually as possible. Most people prefer to look at photos or videos rather than long blocks of text. And that’s not all. According to MarketingSherpa, videos on your site will attract twice the number of visitors, and increase your organic traffic from the search engines by 157 percent.
  • Feature your offer above the fold. Don’t make your visitors scroll down to get to your message; attention spans are short and many people are just plain lazy.
  • Ask for the bare minimum of information from visitors. In general, the more you ask of your visitors, the lower your conversions. If all you really need to get your sales machine going is an email address, don’t drive prospects away by asking for a phone number, zip code, and income level.

Is Your Traffic Properly Targeted?

Every website attracts a percentage of visitors who will simply not be interested in your offer. What you need to focus on are the people who have a particular problem or need that your product solves – these are your best targeted prospects. You can fine-tune your inbound traffic for optimum conversions by:

  • Concentrating your backlinking efforts on sites that are targeted to your industry or business sector niche.
  • Using appropriate tags and categories on your social bookmarking sites.
  • Engaging with the appropriate groups and circles on your social media channels.
  • Using buyer keywords in all of your digital content.

Have You Built Up Enough Trust?

Even providing a personal email address can be a hurdle for some people. When you establish trust with a prospect, you remove a big objection to online commerce. Include testimonials from satisfied customers on your landing page; according to BrightLocal, 65 percent of consumers are more likely to buy from a company with positive online reviews.

Reassure visitors that their email address and other personal information will not be shared. If you take credit card information, display your privacy and security safeguards that will keep their financial information confidential and safe.