How to Build Links Organically?

Jul 1, 2014

Building links organically is recommended, but there are some things you should know in order to do it properly. Organically building links requires that you naturally allow links to build through exposure. Here are some tips that will help you with this endeavor.

organic link building

  1. Use Blogs or Social Media
  2. One of the most effective way to build links is through blogs. Blogs about a topic related to your product or service is useful because customers prefer to be educated before they buy. It is recommended that all website owners use blogs or social media to build links by capturing the attention of the audience through blogs. If the content is worthy, more people will link to the website. High traffic websites are a big win when they link to your content.

    Social media is another way to gain links. If you share articles or videos on Facebook, you’re more likely gain quality links. These links can help to build traffic or gain more exposure for your website.

  3. Provide Quality Content
  4. If you want to get a back link, you must provide valuable content. The content should be relevant to readers, and it must be original. When people reference your blog, you’re more likely to get an organic backlink.

  5. Always Focus on Writing Current Topics
  6. Always write on current topics and use informative facts and statistical figures. Research is required to write this type of blog post. Do not use the same article for multiple sites. This will lower the ranking of your site with Google’s algorithm. They tend to rank your website higher when you write unique and quality content for your site. Most successful websites have informative blog posts.

  7. Make it Easy to Link to Your Blog
  8. If it’s easy to link to your blog, you’re more likely to build links and raise the ranking of your website faster. Do not make it complicated, or readers will seek another competitor’s website for information. You’ll lose the opportunity to earn a link and any future exposure that may be gained from the link. The information should be readily available to increase your chances of getting an organic link.

  9. Beware of Faster Methods
  10. Some marketers will use PPC to generate links initially to gain the site more exposure, but the technique should only be used to draw attention to your blog for more organic links. Thus, the ads need to be highly targeted to prevent or minimize the likelihood of bad or poor links. The key to success is quality backlinks. Content is the best way to find the quality backlinks. Even if you use PPC to gain initial exposure, your content still has to be captivating.

Building links organically requires work, but it pays off in the end. Your website will not be removed for using black hat techniques or other unscrupulous methods if you follow these rules. It’s also less subject to fluctuation and change. There are faster methods, but they aren’t as effective and carry more risks. Stick to building links organically, and you’ll be on your way to success.