How to Build Links by Promoting an Event

Jan 10, 2014

event promotionBuilding links is one of the most important things you can do when focusing on improving your search engine optimization. External links on quality and authoritative sites that point back to your website or various pages on your website tell search engines that your website is relevant with notoriety and recognition. But finding ways to build external links in a way that will attract search engines instead of looking like spam is often difficult. If you are hosting an event, or you have the opportunity to do so, this can be a great way for you to link build in an appropriate and SEO-friendly manner.

Social Media

One way to promote your event in a manner that allows you to build links is to promote your event on social media. Having links to your website, such as landing page that talks about your event, on social media sites is completely acceptable in search engine optimization. Anytime you post about your event you can use social media as a method to link back to your site. If you promote on various social media outlets, as you should, you are not only increasing links that point to your site, you are also helping your search engine optimization by being active on social media and engaging with your followers and fans.

Blogs and Community Forums

You have to be careful about how you post in forums and how you comment on blog posts, but these are two ways in which you can promote an event and link back to your site. For instance, if you were hosting a farmers market event and you wanted to promote it on a raw foods blog, it would be acceptable to post a comment on a blog post talking about foods that you might have at this farmers market. Be sure to contribute something constructive when you comment, and don’t overtly sell your event. Just mention the event, and then put a link to your website page the talks about the events in your signature. The same goes for forums; always make sure that what you say is relevant and contextual.

Guest Posting and Self Publishing

Another way you earn more links back to your site while promoting events is to include it contextually in your content while guest posting for a blog that has to do with what you’re selling, or your industry. If you are unsure of how to obtain a guest posting gig, or you don’t think this is the method for you, you can also self publish an article that has to do with whatever the event you are hosting, and include the link there. You don’t want to self promote in excess when you self publish, such as if you publish an article on the Kindle, but if you include a couple of links back to certain pages on your site that are relevant, it can help you increase your link building in a natural way.

The above ideas are just a few ways that you can promote an event and earn links simultaneously. You can also interlink between pages on your website, since interlinking is also a strategy that you should employ to help improve your search engine optimization. Interlinking helps your website appear more dense and have more depth, and it also helps your user navigate throughout your website and find what they need. These are both things that search engines will look for when trying to determine the validity of a website. Hosting an event and promoting it can help you build links, increase your customer base, increase your network, and improve your search engine optimization.