How Public Relations Can Improve Your Link Building Campaigns

Jun 26, 2014

Synergy occurs when two or more objects work together to achieve an outcome greater than is possible when the objects work independently of one another. Examples of this effect can be found throughout nature, the sciences, and the business world in general. Your link building efforts will similarly benefit from the power of synergy when you integrate public relations into your back linking campaigns.

While back linking remains one of the most effective techniques for boosting search engine rankings, most of the traditional methods of acquiring links have been discredited and discarded. The days of mass-submitting an article to spammy blogs willing to publish it in exchange for links of dubious value are coming to an end.

Google demands a more honest and transparent approach to acquiring links, and the best way to accomplish this is with an integrated marketing approach that merges public relations with the link building process.

public relations link building

All Links Are Not Created Equal

A website benefits from an inbound link because the search engines see it as a vote of confidence that affirms the quality and authority of the site receiving the link. The higher the authority and reputation of the site providing the link, the more ‘link juice’ will pass through to the site receiving the link.

To attract a higher quality link partner, you need to develop a solid public relations-centered approach that goes beyond mass distribution of keyword-stuffed press releases. The purpose of a press release is to attract attention that will hopefully lead to coverage of your news, which will eventually lead to acquiring quality links that won’t get your website penalized.

  • Accept the fact that acquiring quality links from authoritative web properties is not going to happen overnight. You need to first get exposure for your brand, then leverage that exposure by growing your reputation as the go-to source for useful and reliable information about your niche.
  • As your authority grows with each new quality piece of content you create, online publishers and bloggers will want to link to you because of the value your content is providing to their audience.
  • Remember that public relations and link building share the common goal of acquiring earned exposure based on providing relevant and useful content.

Incorporating Public Relations Tactics into Your Link Building Campaign

  • Any published bylined guest articles should include anchor text compatible with your link building campaign.
  • Conduct ongoing keyword research to refine and update your list of the most advantageous keywords to target.
  • To maximize your overall marketing efforts, public relations and link building goals should target a common list of niche and social network influencers.
  • Merge your public relations and link building contact lists. Develop a unified approach to building ongoing relationships.
  • Make sure that your press releases are optimized with your target keywords and links to your social media channels where appropriate.
  • Combine your public relations and link building calendars for new content, social media posting, and outreach to your public relations/link building contacts.
  • Do a link request outreach to all past media outlets that have covered your press releases.