How Link Building Can Boost Your Brand Exposure

Oct 9, 2014

Perhaps the best way to understand the current state of link building is to think of it as brand building. Thanks to Google’s algorithm updates and revised guidelines, the shortcuts and grey-hat “cheats” of link building are dead and gone.

The new era of SEO demands links that are editorially earned and based on relevant, high-quality content that informs and engages the reader. This type of strategy calls for building a relationship before building links, and the key to building that relationship is through the trust and authority of your brand.

increase branding with link building

Creating a Strong Brand Identity

  • Develop a long-term vision statement for your company; describe where you see your company in five years. Take into consideration your most important products and services, how your customers view your company, and the unique experience that your company offers customers.
  • Craft your mission statement, which is simply the purpose of your company. This statement should be based on the specific needs that your company will address, how your company will address those needs, the principles that define your company’s approach, and why customers choose your company over your competitors.
  • Develop an “essence” statement about your company. This is a one-word expression of the emotion that you want customers to experience with your brand.
  • Create a personality for your brand. Apply the desired human characteristics to your brand. For instance, do you want your customers to view your company as young and cool or conservative and reliable?
  • Develop a brand value proposition. This clearly describes your product’s unique value that differentiates you from your competitors and how that value benefits your customers.

Great Content is the Key to Building Your Brand and Attracting Quality Links
Building online brand awareness is the process of tying useful and informative content to your brand identity in a way that presents your company as the go-to source for accurate and useful information, builds a sense of trust, and creates a sense of rapport with your customer.

The goal of great content should be to inform, answer questions, and help provide solutions to problems facing the reader. It should either provide information that can’t be found elsewhere, or provide a unique and distinctive perspective to existing content. People simply like to share and link to content that they find useful or entertaining. And the more quality content you send their way, the more your brand identity is reinforced.

Leverage HARO to Build Brand Awareness and Gain High Authority Links
HARO, or Help a Reporter Out, is a free online resource that matches reporters looking for knowledgeable sources to help flesh out a story with businesses seeking to strengthen their brand position as an authority in their industry or niche. While there is no guarantee that your business will walk away with a link, if your material is of high quality and is used to create a story, it’s relatively easy to get a branded mention that will lend credence to your authority as a source. Visit the HARO website at for more information.