Four Reasons Social Media Marketing Campaigns Fail

Jul 8, 2014

Social media is growing in popularity, but not all marketers and business owners execute social media campaigns well, and that’s why they fail. They fail to generate engagements, grow your community, leads or if they produce leads, they are not suitable for the product or service that you’re offering. This is why you should explore the best practices of companies with successful social media campaigns. Here are four reasons why social media marketing campaigns fail.

  1. The Campaigns Have No Defined Goals
  2. Reasons Social Media Marketing Campaigns Fail
    If your campaigns have no defined goals, they will fail. Every social media marketing campaign must have a specific goal. Broad goals such as increasing the number of likes on a Facebook page is not enough. You must, instead, extend your goals to include elements that will gain your company more exposure. Connecting with journalists, product reviewers, and industry analysts will help people communicate and evangelize for your brand. Always have a clearly defined goal for your brand.

  3. Social Media is Two-Way Street
  4. Social media is designed to make people more social. Companies must create content that gets people interested in their products or services. They must encourage people to communicate about the products on the website and show them the type of information that customers are interested in before they purchase. When people are communicating with one another, they give each other reasons to buy. Encourage the conversations and reward the evangelists on your site with discounts.

  5. Do Not Make Assumptions About Social Media
  6. Most people make assumptions about social media that are not founded in truth. Basically, you should spend time listening and learning about social media first, and then, you should try to connect with people based upon their emotional perceptions. Keep in mind that what works in one social media forum may not necessarily work in another one. So, don’t talk to Facebook users like they are Twitter users. It won’t work. It’s kind of like coming to work in a corporate office in your beach shorts and flip flops. That type of attire is usually not appropriate. Follow the social norms, and your campaigns will be more successful.

  7. Do Not Go Overboard with the Advertising
  8. Always try to establish a relationship first with social media followers, and then, try to make the sale. The relationship begins with gaining trust through the posts. The posts should educate the consumer and not try to sell them on the product. The posts should create a need without selling. When companies advertise incessantly, they lost their customers.

    Explore the Four Reasons Social Media Marketing Campaigns Fail

    Always explore the four reasons why social media marketing campaigns fail. There are countless others, but if you, at least, address these four reasons, you’ll increase your chances of success. If you want to succeed, you must learn to listen and really take note of what’s happening in your community. Once you build loyal relationships with your customers, you’re more likely to keep selling more products and sustain your customers for a lifetime. Don’t let your social media marketing campaign fail. Do what you need to do to make it work for your company and your customers. It’s worth the effort.