Five Reasons Why we Need to Embrace Mobile

Jun 3, 2014

The mobile trend is not simply a trend, it’s a complete shift in how people communicate with one another. Mobile sales are increasing rapidly because more people are sharing information about the latest and greatest product and services on the Internet. When they share information, they are more likely to encourage others to buy the products and services they support. Here’s five reasons why we need to embrace mobile:

embrace mobile

  1. Seventy Percent Growth in Global Mobile Data Traffic in 2012
  2. In 2012, the global mobile data traffic experienced a 70 percent growth. This was in part due to people purchasing items on their cell phones. If you have a product to sell, there’s a good chance that someone will see it online and want to purchase it. As long as the site is easy to use, you’ll have few impediments with mobile sales because it’s convenient.

  3. Location-Based Marketing is Effective
  4. Business owners are getting savvy. They are using technology like Foursquare to help identify customers who are in the vicinity of their store. If customers come near the store, they may offer them a discount coupon if they make a purchase today or within the next hour. Discounts for free merchandise will entice any customer to come into the store to make a purchase. QR codes are also similar to location-based marketing in that it may provide location-based information about a product or service to encourage customers to give it a try.

  5. Mobile Marketing Can Help Lower Costs
  6. Everyone knows that marketing is expensive. With mobile marketing, companies can spend more money and target only customers who are more likely to buy. They know when customers are in the area and can spend money only on those people who have a high interest in the product and the means to buy it. Since it’s easy to collect information from mobile devices, it’s easier to make a sale.

  7. Mobile Sites That Aren’t Optimized Cost Businesses Money
  8. When you have a mobile site that’s not optimized, it may cost your business more money than you hoped. That’s why you should keep your website optimized for mobile devices or implement responsive design. The load times should be fast and the images should be smaller to facilitate this process.

  9. Most People Will Engage in an Ecommerce Transaction Online in the Future
  10. It’s gotten far too convenient to sit at work during a meeting and order items online. As long as the site loads, you can handle all sorts of errands discreetly online without too much difficulty. Hispanic and African regions have some of the fastest growing online or mobile ecommerce purchases. In some instances, other countries have higher purchasing rates than the United States. That’s why there are so many mobile purchasing apps for download because it’s a preferred way to shop.

    Since 84 percent of cell phone owners cannot go a day without accessing their device, companies need to wake up and pay attention. Every company should have a strategy for mobile communication and ecommerce. Otherwise, their competition may leave them behind.