Five Bold SEO Predictions for 2014

Jan 3, 2014

bold seo predictionsSearch engine optimization has become a trending topic in the business world. Particularly in the last few years, SEO has been a hot button topic for anyone who owns or is responsible for marketing a website. Since the majority of commerce is done online now, having a decent search campaign in place can make the difference between success and failure. But with all the algorithm changes that frequently occur, many wonder what 2014 has in store in the way of search engine optimization.

Content Marketing As a Necessity

Content marketing is a relatively new form of marketing that emerged in the last couple of years. However, in 2013 content marketing became more and more important where search optimization is concerned. Having informative, useful and engaging content on your website that lets your visitors know that you can be trusted for valuable information and as a resource is no longer just a suggestion when it comes to improving your search engine optimization campaign. Heading into 2014, content marketing will be absolutely essential, and those who do not have a solid content marketing plan in place will be left behind.

Traditional SEO Will Take Second Place

In the past, SEO has been centered around appeasing search engines. In 2013, we saw that this trend start to disappear as search engine algorithms became more and more focused on the user experience and providing relevant information to search engine users then on keyword stuffing and designing content geared towards search engines. Moving into 2014, the focus on user experience in providing relevant content to web searchers will continue to increase, making traditional robot like search engine optimization a thing of the past.

Niche Specific Content

In the past few years, many of the metrics that search engine optimization has focused on has been classified as “vanity metrics”. In other words, the goal was to just get people on your website so that traffic rates would be high. However, these metrics do very little to increase conversion rates and actually produce sales. In addition, these metrics do not ensure that the user is being provided with valuable information. To combat this, SEO will be moving toward niche specific content that is of high quality and focuses more on the user rather than the search engine.

Social Media Is SEO

Up until this point, having social media on your websites and enabling your users to engage with you and each other has been merely a suggestion. Moving forward, it will be all but essential that social media plays a part in your search engine optimization tactics. Social media activity will be looked at by search engines to determine whether or not a website is of high quality. Additionally, search engines are likely to listen in on the conversation surrounding your business and/or product and use that information to determine the relevancy of your website.

Goodbye to Page Rank

Google’s page rank has not been updated since February 2013. Anyone who is used to the continually changing algorithms and updates from Google knows that this is a very long period of time. Google has announced that they will not do any further updates to their page rank in 2014, which is a huge bit of news for website owners. Whether Google is going to eliminate this metric completely is yet to be seen, but it also keeps in line with other changes that seem to be focusing on quality of content rather than jumping through metric hoops associated with SEO. For instance, keywords are no longer showing up in analytics, meaning that incoming keywords are no longer as important, whereas quality is.

Heading into 2014, quality and relevancy are going to be the key factors to achieve higher placement in the SERPs. Content marketing is going to take the world by storm, and anyone who does not jump on the content marketing bandwagon quickly will be left in the dust. Longform, valuable content that provides useful and relevant information to the user is and will continue to be king in the search engine optimization landscape.