e-Commerce Link Building Tactics for The Holiday Season

Dec 4, 2014

Tis the season of holidays, and you can boost your inbound links as well as your overall e-commerce site conversions with a dash of creativity and pre-planning to take full advantage of some of the biggest shopping days of the year. In addition to Christmas, there is Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s, as well as special holiday events and celebrations that may be popular in your local market area.

Holiday Link Building Opportunities
The holidays offer a unique opportunity to gain additional traffic-generating links to your e-commerce web properties. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
holiday link building

  • Create a special themed landing page for each holiday that you wish to promote. Make sure that your content and call-to-action ties in with the holiday you’re promoting.
  • Create special holiday content for your business blog. Don’t forget to link it to your social media channels.
  • Create a holiday gift guide with gift suggestions for different age groups and genders.
  • Create holiday themed content for your various social media channels. Don’t make it all about your sales event – entertaining holiday content is more likely to get shared than a hard-core sales message.
  • Create holiday themed video content.
  • Create a unique and entertaining holiday guest blog or infographic.

Be sure your content is optimized with appropriate holiday-oriented keyword terms, and don’t forget to promote any special holiday shopping hours.

More Ideas for Boosting e-Commerce Holiday Revenue
Make sure that your site doesn’t crash due to a sudden spike in holiday shopping traffic. Allow for extra bandwidth, and check your site’s load speed. If you anticipate a substantial increase in visitor traffic, you might want to consider adding a content delivery network to enhance your customer’s shopping experience.

Use your website analytics tool to identify the top traffic-drawing pages and products on your site. Add a strong call to action to your most popular pages. Budget permitting, you might consider adding paid social media or pay per click ads to draw additional holiday traffic.

Make sure that your checkout page is up to par. You might consider offering free shipping on all holiday purchases. Add related products to your checkout page whenever possible.

Don’t leave your mobile customers out in the cold. Your website should be mobile responsive to allow for easy browsing from any mobile device. Consider a special offer or promotion for mobile users.

ecommerce link building

Be sure to link related and recommended pages and products for easier shopping and increased impulse purchases.

If you have an email list of existing customers, be sure to include them in your holiday plans. Remember that you have a 60 to 70 percent probability of making a sale to an existing customer versus a 5 to 20 probability of selling to a new prospect.

Target last minute shoppers by offering digital products if appropriate, as well as gift cards and gift certificates.

Help spread the holiday cheer by getting involved with a worthy local charity. In addition to encouraging customer participation, it’s a great way to generate publicity. Be sure to document the event with plenty of photos for sharing across your social media channels.