Do Mobile Search Ads Makes Sense For Your Business?

Mar 14, 2014

Mobile search ads are one of the preferred ways to engage customers and get them to purchase products or services. There are several custom search ads and click-to-download ads for mobile apps that are available. These ads will attract customers who would prefer to use their mobile devices to search for shopping and other mobile transactions. AdWords mobile search ads makes it easy for advertisers to monetize and promote their mobile apps. Here are some benefits of mobile search ads for your business.

  • Mobile App Extensions for App Promotion
  • mobile adsAdWords advertisers receive the options to add new ad extensions, which allows them to promote their mobile apps. Mobile users are able to find the apps faster when someone is promoting and working diligently to help the business gain more visibility. The mobile app extensions can cause a six percent increase in the click-through ratio for campaigns.

    For instance, Grub Hub is a web and mobile service that allows customers to make online orders that can be delivered or picked up. The new mobile app extension will allow people to add an additional link to the app download page. This mobile app has been highly successful.

  • Five Times More Effective than Online Advertising
  • Studies have shown that online advertising is five times as effective as any online advertising campaign. Five in six households have at least one mobile phone or more. This is why the advertising campaign is so effective. Mobile advertising is necessary to capitalize on sales that occur online.

  • Text Advertisement is Effective
  • This form of advertising is quite effective. You can send text message advertisements to your prospects and customers who have decided to opt into your mobile advertising list. A special key word can be sent and used in other marketing efforts. There are special pre-paid packages or you can pay on an as needed basis. Many businesses such as restaurants, entertainment, and retail stores have benefited from this type of advertisement.

  • Search Engine Mobile Advertisement
  • Search engine mobile advertisements are popular and effective for helping customers gain interest in products or services. When a person performs a search on a phone, a mobile ad that matches their search will appear. If you have an ad that matches what they are searching for, then your mobile search ad may appear.

  • Budget-Friendly Options
  • Mechants on a budget can usually find SMS text advertising or in-page mobile advertising deals that will help your business and your budget. A monthly subscription fee is usually charged in the database. Some companies offer free mobile advertising trials to help small business owners.

Do Mobile Search Ads Makes Sense For Your Business?

For most businesses, it does make sense for the business. It’s can help the business gain far more exposure than they would without the ads. Every business owner should gain insight into the process of developing mobile search ads to ensure the business gains visibility. If you want your business to grow and prosper, you can use mobile search ads to help in this capacity.