Benefits of Using Social Media PPC as an Advertising Platform

Jan 8, 2014

social media ppcUsing pay per click campaigns is a popular way of marketing for many businesses and Internet marketers. But when most people think of pay per click (PPC) campaigns, they think of marketing avenues such as Google AdWords. While AdWords is a great PPC marketing outlet, social media PPC campaigns can often offer business owners a similar or better platform for advertising than traditional PPC campaigns. Below are some of the benefits you can obtain from using social media PPC as an advertising platform for your business. Specially now that the social media company, Facebook has updated their algorithm to cater to anyone who is paying to play.

Specific Target Market

As with other type of PPC campaign. With social media you are more likely to reach that target market where they are. With a traditional PPC campaign, you usually have to wait until someone searches for your product or a keyword associated with your ad before your ad is shown to them. However, with a social media PPC campaign you can reach them while they’re chatting with friends, scrolling through a news feed, and via the ads on the sidebar.


Unlike the standard PPC campaign setup, when your ad appears in social media, your profile or website can be shared. This is an added bonus that is not available through platforms like AdWords, and it helps spread the word about your business or brand at a faster rate. For instance, on Facebook if someone sees an ad pop up for your business and they click on the ad and like what they see, they can invite other friends to like the page if they think those friends might enjoy it, too. This allows people to directly comment, like, and otherwise share and talk about your ad and business, which helps you as a business.


Most social media PPC campaigns are driven by remarketing or retargeting tactics. This means that if someone searches for “Mother’s Day flowers” on a search engine, they search for flowers, and then they come to a site like Facebook as well as the display networks, they will be shown ads that relate to flowers. Remarketing simply means marketing to someone who was searching or showed an interest for a specific product recently, didn’t make a purchase, and is now on social media. It’s a great way to reach people who are actively seeking your product.

Listening In

Another benefit to using social media PPC campaigns is that you can listen in to the conversation surrounding your business or brand more easily. When people click, like, share, and discuss your ad, they open up a conversation about your ads. If you search for your business name or keywords in the ad, you can come across these comments and listen to what people are saying about your business. This can help you strategically market to them and can also help you in areas like product creation.

There are many benefits to social media PPC campaigns, not the least of which is the ability to look at the analytics surrounding your ad. Often times, social media PPC campaigns offer you some of the best advice about your demographic, target market, and customer interest. It also allows you the ability to listen in to the conversation about your business, and helps you engage your audience almost in real time. Thanks to remarketing, you can also reach the people that traditional PPC campaigns missed, giving you a great chance of making a conversion. For most businesses, social media PPC campaigns are a low cost and highly effective way to grow their business, and are well worth trying out.