6 Reasons Your Blog is Boring

Jan 23, 2014

Blogs are kept by many individuals, and a great many business owners use them as a vehicle through which to market their business. However, even though many blogs exist only a handful of them are highly successful. If your blog is lacking interest from your readership, it may be that your blog is boring. How do you know if your blog is boring? Check out the following six indicators that a blog is likely boring, and follow the quick tips for how to fix it.

boring blogs

Same Ol’ Same Ol’

If you’re covering content that is written about frequently, or a subject that is saturated in the media, you might have a hard time keeping your readers’ interest. Why? Because they’ve read this content a million times across the Internet. If you are struggling to create unique content, here are some tips that might help you.

  • Take a fresh angle on the topic
  • Disagree with the popular opinion to stir up conversation
  • Write about facets of a story that nobody has covered
  • Pick a “diamond in the rough” story that hasn’t received a lot of coverage and write about it

What’s Your Story?

Too many times blogs turn into a running sales pitch. This is particularly problematic and common among blogs that are associated with a business. Instead of being sales-oriented, allow your blog to tell a story.

  • Write about exciting things
  • Tell personal stories from your life that your readers will relate to
  • Try to make each post like a chapter in a book or a television episode; make your readers want to “tune in”
  • Relate to readers by asking questions and being conversational in tone

Keep it Simple

A common problem among blog owners and writers is that they allow their content to drag on for too long. People rarely have time to read pages of content when they’re browsing through their favorite blogs, so allow them to obtain the information they want in a short amount of time.

  • Break your content into subheadings so it’s easy to scan
  • Provide bulleted lists for quick, actionable advice or the main points of your story
  • Highlight or set apart the main points
  • Keep your content to 500-600 words
  • Break up your text with pictures
  • Lack of Media

    Speaking of pictures, another thing that can make your blog boring is a lack of media. All text and no media makes for a dull blog, and your readers will grow tired with constant walls of words rather quickly.

      boring blog
    • Add high quality images
    • Create or link to a video that relates to what you’re writing about
    • Include charts if you’re relaying somewhat technical information for better acquisition by your readers
    • Use infographics

    Lack of Engagement

    Blog readers want to be involved with you and the other readers of your blog. If you’re not inviting them to be a part of the process, they may feel a little left out in the cold.

    • Include a call to action or a question to encourage readers to comment and discuss what you’ve written about.
    • Add social media links, including #hashtags
    • Post quizzes or surveys for your readers to take
    • Host contests and challenges

    Why So Serious?

    Many bloggers are far too serious. Even if your subject matter has a serious undertone, your blog is your chance to be conversational.

    • Add humor to lighten the mood
    • Include funny comics that have to do with the subject you’re writing about
    • Write in first person – always
    • Write as though you were talking to a friend with a touch of professionalism, as well, so your readers feel like they’re having coffee with you as opposed to being lectured by you.

    If you’ve realized that your blog is committing one or more of the infractions above, it might be boring. But the good news is you can fix it. Keep your posts simple, be engaging, tell a story, include media, interact with your readers, and keep your tone conversational and you can turn your blog around in no time.