5 Common Blogging Mistakes That Can Kill Your Blog

Nov 13, 2014

Writing a blog looks deceptively easy until you actually have to sit down and do it. While blogging may not be rocket science, it’s not something that just anyone can do successfully. Creating an effective blog for your business requires at least some basic writing ability, an understanding of how blogs work, and a little bit of common sense.

Aside from your business website, a blog is one of the most important tools in your digital marketing toolbox. A properly crafted blog can help attract new business prospects, create raving fans of your current customers, and boost your SEO efforts. By avoiding the common pitfalls that many new bloggers fall into, you can create a powerful and effective blog that will pay handsome dividends for years to come.

common blogging mistakes

Failure to Blog on a Consistent Basis

  • One of the first items on your blogging to-do list should be to establish a publishing schedule that you can commit to. Your blog will never develop a loyal following if readers return to your blog anticipating a new post and find nothing.
  • At a minimum, you need to be adding new material at least once a week.
  • Create a monthly editorial calendar of topics in advance so that you never find yourself stuck at the last minute without an idea for your next post.
  • Having an editorial calendar will give you ample time to compile the reference material that you’ll need to help flesh out your posts.

Failure to Encourage Two-way Conversation
Your blog offers you the opportunity to connect with your readers and build relationships that will eventually lead to sales. Encourage your readers to engage with you by enabling comments on your blog. Be sure to answer questions as full as possible, and respond positively to all reader comments. Even when readers disagree with you, you’ll earn their respect and gratitude for your willingness to tackle even the tough issues.

Failure to Promote New Content
You need to make it as easy as possible for your audience to access your new blog posts. Include your blog’s URL across all of your digital properties (including social media) and printed material. Encourage readers to subscribe to a full RSS feed so that they never miss out on one of your posts. Include your target keywords in your post title to increase your chances of your post being returned for a search query.

Failure to Create Focused Blog Topics
Attempting to cover too broad of a topic is one of the most common mistakes new bloggers make. The more details and nuances in a topic, the harder it is to it justice with a single post. Choose narrow and more targeted topics that allow you to tell a complete story and provide genuinely useful information to your readers.

Failure to Edit Your Post Before You Publish
Even the most accomplished writers need to schedule time to polish their work before releasing it to the public. Run your copy through a spelling and grammar checker. Fix any run-on sentences. Make sure that your post flows in a natural manner. Double-check your post formatting, and break things up with subheaders and bullet points to help guide your reader through the important points.