Will A Content Delivery Network (CDN) Boost your SEO?

May 23, 2013

Although content is known to be an important factor in a site’s search engine optimization, the way content is written is equally as important as the words displayed on the screen. Simply writing for writing sake is no longer enough. Instead, content itself must be optimized, while conveying quality information that highlights the source as an authority while drawing audience members to the site to begin with.

content delivery network

What is a Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Networks or CDN is a set of servers that are established to provide users content on a much faster and more efficient scale. Despite the role of some CDN’s in improving a site’s SEO the connection can be difficult for some to understand. The ways that content delivery networks can improve a website’s SEO include some of the following factors tied to what CDN’s offer.

Speed and Efficiency

One of the most important offerings that content delivery networks bring to the search engine optimization table is the quickness and efficiency that they provide. From faster streaming to loading graphics quickly, CDN’s help improve the speed in which different elements on a page and site load, which is an attractive feature to the major search engines, like Google.

Convenient Servers and Hosting

Despite the simplicity of other types of servers used to host a site, CDN’s provide more options for servers, which can make the location much more convenient to the location of the site hosting. As a result of more convenient hosting, the search engine optimization of a website can experience improvement accompanying the benefits of a content delivery network’s convenient servers, located around the globe.

Content Delivery Network and Search Engine Optimization Support

With an abundance of information available regarding what needs to be done to improve a site’s SEO, it can be difficult to know where to start, what to do to upkeep and how to stay with the constant changes in the world of digital marketing. But despite the array of information available to business owners and marketers alike, a CDN sometimes offers helpful support, walking those looking to improve search engine optimization through valuable steps.

Tracking and Analytics

The size of content delivery networks, the reach and the resources available help not only help provide business owners and marketers with necessities. Instead, CDN’s also provide most web marketers and managers with the ability to track the results of their site as they strive for SEO improvement.

By taking advantage of a content delivery network, business owners and marketers can obtain access to resources that they may not otherwise have if they sought the use of a foreign server. In addition the availability of a network can provide a more cost efficient option for companies seeking server aid on a budget.