Why Does Wikipedia on the Majority of Searches

Aug 13, 2013

Appearing in the top results for the majority of search terms performed on the web, Wikipedia’s status as a high-ranking website has sometimes baffled marketers and searchers alike. But while Wikipedia is highly used, understanding how it truly ranks so high among the search engines can be revealed by looking at how such sites are optimized for the world-wide web and why they are so often used.

The Way We Search

wikipedia search
Most searchers are often looking for an answer to a question or a solution to a problem. By nature, Wikipedia is designed to meet those needs, offering millions of pages of information, some very deep and vast. As a result, Wikipedia has almost branded itself as a source of quick and easy information right at the fingertips of searchers and information seekers. Since most searchers use actual questions and queries when seeking information, the way Wikipedia is set up makes many of these terms and keywords speckled throughout their content and information.

In addition, Wikipedia as a resource is compiled with information designed and created by searchers themselves. Because of the prevalence of information compiled by actual searchers, the terms and keywords they would most likely search are often used in the content and information produced, making Wikipedia content a good match for popular keywords and long tail search terms.

The Power of Back Linking

One of the most important tactics used in the search engine optimization for any website is powerful back linking, which offers serious authority to a site, depending on how authoritative the site linking to one’s site, actually is. Wikipedia is linked to on a regular basis. Whether in articles and blog posts, social media or other websites, the power of the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of links leading to Wikipedia cannot be denied.

Tapping into the Power of Wikipedia

Since the information displayed on wikipedia is so often in the results of search engine queries, capitalizing on its power can be beneficial to website, web masters, business leaders and company officials alike. By creating company and business content among the millions of pages of content displayed on Wikipedia, businesses can leverage the power and link juice to boost their own authority and search engine optimization.

In addition to understanding how marketers can use wikipedia to their advantage, Wikipedia can also be a great place to perform keyword research. The keywords contained in Wikipedia’s valuable content, which helps it rank so highly on Google, can be a good place for marketers to better understand the keywords and phrases which can help boost their own search results. Long tail keywords, questions, FAQ and titles can all help a webmaster better understand what questions and solutions are sought after on the website in relation to their own industry. Additionally, it can help reveal what information searchers may find relevant or powerful in their industry and sector.