Which Image Search is Best Bing or Google

Aug 27, 2013

Images are becoming increasingly important to consumers and marketers alike. Used within a variety of social media, marketing efforts, messages and ideas, images can be a powerful way to convey an idea in a method which people are naturally drawn to, even when bombarded by messages on a constant basis. But despite the importance of images in the every day lives of people, finding images that coincide with an idea of message can be more difficult a task than it may seem. Two of the major search engines used by consumers when searching for relevant images are going head to head in the battle of relevant images and who can offer the best experience to searchers seeking them. Understanding which search engine can provide the best experience for searchers seeking images for a variety of reasons can be as simple as knowing what each search engine brings to the table.

google v bing image search

Duplicate Search Returns

One of the factors that can be frustrating for searchers seeking images for specific needs or projects is the return of duplicate images in search results. Both search engines have methods of reducing the return of such results but Bing recently highlighted improvements, offering filters to prevent such duplicates.

Understanding Search Intent

In addition to improving filters for duplicate content, Bing also boasts new methods of understanding the nature of a person’s search helping tailor their search experience around that understanding. While Google is host to complicated and intricate algorithms that improve search results and tailor them for searchers, similarly to Bing, Bing reports better, more relevant results.

The Use of High Quality Images and Multimedia

While not every search may be seeking out the highest quality image for the purpose they intend to use it, Bing results often boast thee types of images in an effort to better meet the needs of searchers. High quality images may be more useful for those seeking to locate multimedia they can use for professional needs as well as social media, marketing efforts and business needs. In addition, higher quality pictures may be more likely to offer businesses and marketers the opportunity to purchase the rights to them for professional use rather than merely using poor quality images that appear in results that may be taken by amateur photographers or displayed across social media platforms.

Although seeking images and multimedia to compliment one’s business efforts is vital to improving the appearance as well as the way audience members consume it, choosing the right images can be time-consuming. As the ability of search engines to tailor and improve search results continues to evolve, gathering images and content can become increasingly easy, yielding better image results that meet needs more adequately. Changing up the type of search engine used when search engines and comparing the results can be beneficial for searchers, revealing which search engine is best for them and their image search needs.