What is Brand Average Rate of Engagements

May 16, 2013

Is BARE an Important Factor for Social Media?

While social media is continuing to play an important role in digital marketing and search engine optimization as well as branding and consumer interaction, the level of engagement that actually occurs provokes some businesses to question whether social media is worth the extensive effort and planning.

While many businesses and brands measure the success of their social media effort by the number of friends, followers and likes they have obtained, the importance of gaining engagement from those followers is increasingly evident. What is the value of thousands or even millions of followers if they sit on the sidelines and do nothing to interact with a brand or page.

brand rate of engagement

The brand average rate of engagement is becoming more and more important as marketers seek valuable followers who will interact with their posts, information, pictures and videos rather than mere likes, which are becoming obsolete as some social media outlets create tailored feeds that offer information that users have recently engaged with in contrast with feeds filled with any and everything followed or liked. The low percentage, on average approximately 5 percent, of users who actually engage with a brand they’ve like makes it especially imperative that brands and companies using social media post information and content that provokes more engagement.

What Percentage of Brand Average Rate of Engagement is Good?

Using media and content that is shown to provoke more interaction from users, shares and increase the virality of posts, which may also, in turn provoke increased likes and continue the cycle of successful social media efforts. Since the average engagement of social media is often quite low, looking for a marketer or social media promoter that can help boost a brand’s average brand engagement to a higher percentage, such as 10 percent. The positive social media and branding repercussions from publishing quality content that followers want to interact with while drawing fans and friends that are known to interact can change the way a company conducts social media and completely transform social media’s role in digital marketing.

It’s no secret that regurgitating information and posting self-promotion based information does little to engage the fans and followers acquired. But coming up with quality information that highlights a business as an authority and creative front runner can be difficult without a clear understanding of what people are looking for when they visit brand pages and what they desire in their social media usage. Tracking past engagement can be a good way to understand what has successfully provoked engagement and what may not have worked in the past. Additionally, seeking aid from a marketing or social media company that understands the specific methods of sparking engagement while keeping up with changing social media updates and new methods can help take a business or brand to the next level when it comes to taking advantage of all that the different outlets have to offer.