Use Social Media to Build High Relationships and Increase Engagement

Apr 19, 2013

While social media may not be a magic fix that will bring an abundance of leads, inquiries and business just from mere posts and re-tweets, social media is unfolding as a method for businesses, companies and websites to help share their culture. In addition, social media offers two-way interaction that can help spark an entirely new audience for sites, blogs and companies. Some of the ways businesses and web masters can use social media to promote services, offerings and products can be uncovered by using social media to its fullest. Simply regurgitating information already on the web and expressed by other businesses may not be the most effective way of maximizing social media and using it to really promote, grow and interact.

Time is of the Essence

build relations with social media

One of the most exciting things about social media is the quickness in which businesses, news sources and people can express and then share information. Within minutes articles, blog posts and news can go viral, reaching thousands of users. Sharing timely information with followers and friends is a great way to highlight oneself as an authority in an industry. Simply sharing information already posted by others can create an impression that a business follows the lead of others rather than creating content and sharing breaking industry information.

Share Company Culture

Displaying one’s identity with a social media audience is often the most important aspect of highlighting beliefs and nurturing interaction. Few social media users want to “like,” “share,” and “retweet” the pictures that they can relate to and which show them a different side of a business than they may be able to see during everyday interactions in real life. Activities, charity events, community involvement and even participating in extracurricular activities (such as local runs or sporting events) can all highlight a culture that followers may be able to relate to, therefore, prompting interaction and sharing.


Relationship Cultivation

In addition to highlighting who a company or business is by sharing culture, creating and nurturing relationships is one of the most important aspects associated. Social media allows a unique method of multi-faceted interaction that allows audience members to ask questions, review services and offer feed back. But while social media offers an opportunity for audience members to express themselves, it offers an even greater opportunity for business owners to take that information and respond. Whether interactions are positive, negative or display confusion, responding through social media allows audience members to see how businesses interact while showing that companies are listening and responding.

Quality Over Quantity

Collecting friends, likes and followers may seem like a good way to improve one’s presence, but true interaction requires quality followers who actually have something to say and are interested in the proposed topics and information. Simply having followers for the sake of numbers does little to improve and nurture relationships and highlight industry authority.