Three Ways to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website

Mar 27, 2013

Increasing organic traffic to your website is a goal that requires using search engine optimization and a few other methods. One benefit of organic traffic is that is virtually free as the methods to use will only take a little of your time.

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Target Keywords

The use of target keywords is an important aspect of SEO and is crucial to gaining a top ranking for an organic search result. Keywords need to be included in the body or content of a web page and in the title tags. A target keyword should also be used for anchor text on the page. Your goal is to include a set of target keywords that are specific to the web page or blog post. The best way to use the appropriate keywords is to perform keyword research prior to publishing a blog post or web page online. If your goal is to attract organic traffic, then spend an adequate amount of time choosing the best keywords.

Fresh Content

Users looking for information on search engines will want to find fresh content. Many times links that are at the top of a search result are two to three years old or older based on various keywords. A newer page displayed in a search result will typically result in a click by a user over older content. If the content is fresh, then it will also enhance the experience of the user. Posts made on a blog and updates made to a web page should include a date or time stamp. This is the best way to show search engine crawlers that a blog or website is relevant.

Social Media

One of the easiest ways to increase organic traffic to your website is to use social media. Two sites that are popular for users are Twitter and Facebook. This can be done by posting links to web pages or blog posts on your social media pages. The goal is to have other users retweet or post on Facebook. There is a huge benefit to having your posts shared by other users. Your post will appear on the Facebook news feed of connected users and on the pages of followers on Twitter. Make sure you are posting to all your social media sites on a regular basis. Consider posting at different times of the day as posts will not be seen by users at the same time.

Additional Information

One additional aspect of SEO that involves the use of keywords is the title tags. If you want to achieve an increase in organic traffic, then make sure to include local keywords in the title tags. A web page or blog post will need to have the name of a city or geographic area. This will help your website and blog posts attain a higher ranking for organic searches.