Three Ways Social Media Can Help Local Businesses Increase Sales

Oct 8, 2013

In the world of social media marketing, many elements often work together to create a cohesive plan that draws visits, converts those visits into clients and helps brands stay in the minds of consumers. But while there are may different steps marketers and business owners can take to draw more eyes to their content, expertise and highlight their authority within their industry, social media is becoming a more serious part of the marketing mix than some may have initially thought.

Social media has long been considered an important method of drawing eyes to one’s business and highlighting the adoption of transforming technology. But while preconceived notions of social media and how effective it can be may be blurred, understanding the various methods one may use to capitalize on the millions of people using social media every single day can help marketers understand what they can do to improve their own efforts.

how local businesses benefit- rom social media

Engagement and Social Media

Collecting friends and likes without garnering engagement from followers has given social media a bad name in the marketing world. But while there are many ways to do social media badly, there are just as many methods of taking full advantage of the vital marketing tools associated. The best way to encourage sharing and interaction with posts, links, pictures and multimedia is by posting information that audience members find relevant, authentic and exciting. The world of social media is filled with spammers and businesses just looking for followers to spew information upon. As a result, social media users are increasingly aware of how they are being targeted and marketed to among the places they hang out online. Information that highlights a company’s culture and shows consumers a business’ authentic self are often more trustworthy to audience members. Additionally, posting information that meets needs, answers questions and solves problems that is also dynamic and interesting shows consumers that a business is listening to them, not just trying to market to them on the Internet. Gaining interaction can be as simple as:

  • Sharing more personal events and community involvement that shows another side or a brand.
  • Asking questions and prompting interaction by actively listening to consumers rather than always telling.
  • Reacting appropriately to ideas and comments shared on one’s page or regarding one’s industry.
  • Gaining the trust of skeptical audience members.

Social Media and Networking

While appealing to consumers is an important part of taking advantage of social media, using various online outlets to appeal to other businesses and those who may refer one business is also an important part of fully utilizing social media. Although appealing to businesses and professionals may be very different from using social media to appeal to consumers, understanding what information professionals may find useful and interesting is similarly important.

The Value of a Brand

One of the most important goals a business or marketer can have is by creating and highlighting value regarding their offering and conveying that value effectively to their target audience. Simply pushing a product or service is not effective on social media. Instead, audience members what to see authenticity and the value of that product as well as the value of the brand. What differentiates a brand from a competitor may not be as simple as physical differences or those which can be seen. Instead, social media can be used to highlight industry authority, goodness, culture and other characteristics that make a company seem more humor, therefore, gaining more trust and faith in the messages offered as well as the products pushed.