Three Types of Advertising on Mobile Devices

Aug 29, 2013

It is obvious that mobile devices are changing the game of online marketing and transforming the way marketers and businesses convey messages and interact with consumers. But while it may be obvious that a transformation is in the air, understanding where to go from here and how to best embrace the importance of mobile devices and the way people consume can be more difficult, especially for smaller businesses. Understanding some of the most successful methods that have proven powerful yet can withstand continuous transformations is one of the best ways marketers and business owners can begin taking the next step into adopting the best mobile advertising tactics for them.

Mobile Pay Per Click

mobile advertising
Grabbing the attention of prospective clients and consumers requires even more finesse in the world of mobile marketing. Because time constraints and shorter attention spans can affect the messages conveyed by businesses through search results, meta descriptions and pay per click advertising, grabbing the attention of consumers requires even more creativity. Pay per click on mobile devices has been show to have different results than search engine marketing on desktop devices because of the urgency and mobility of those using portable devices and searching while on the go. As a result, pay per click can be a valuable tool for those looking to break into the mobile marketing world and test the waters.

Social Media Advertising

While many marketers and small and large business owners alike have taken advantage of social media advertising opportunities, mobile devices can be a great way to reap results. Many mobile users spend a lot of time on tablets and smart phones consuming social media. As a result, advertising that is placed within news feeds and social media outlets can be a valuable tool for those businesses looking to utilize mobile marketing and target the millions of consumers on social media outlets.

Useful and Aesthetically Appealing Mobile Advertising

Mobile devices are often used by consumers to display and seek exciting and dynamic multimedia. Taking advantage of mobile users’ love for images and video can be a great way to appeal and overcome the bombardment of advertising and marketing thrown their way each and every day. In addition to offering highly visual advertising, highlighting useful information, rewards and apps that appeal to consumers on a whole different level can help businesses and website differentiate themselves from other competitors and even other information consumers find interesting.

Although mobile advertising will continue to transform and grow, constantly seeking methods of appealing to one’s demographic and understanding how they truly utilize mobile devices and the information shared and sought among those devices is vital to staying on the same page as one’s target demographic. In addition, looking for opportunities that offer value rather than grasping for the latest and greatest gimmick is important to continuing to offer searchers and consumers the best possible experience. By optimizing one’s website for mobile devices and taking advantage of legitimate advertising opportunities that will drive traffic to that site, marketers and business owners can continue thriving among a changing market and transforming consumers.