The Value of Marketing on YouTube

Apr 5, 2013

While YouTube is still one of the most trafficked sites on the Internet, the video site hasn’t received the kind of attention that social media, PPC, and SEO has as a viable Internet marketing strategy. That’s because many businesses see YouTube as more of an entertainment site rather than a marketing platform. While that may be partly true, there is still an immense amount of value in marketing on YouTube.

YouTube is a unique entity in that it is a search engine, advertising platform, video content site and social media site. The social aspect of YouTube is something that many Internet marketers haven’t capitalized on. YouTube has a community of users much like Facebook and Twitter. Users can subscribe to channels, get recommendations based on previously viewed videos, and share their favorite videos.

youtube marketing

In fact, businesses such as Wine Library TV are using the platform to publish regular video content and proving that it can be an effective social media platform. They are using YouTube as a platform to engage their subscribers, connect with their audience, and acquire new customers. YouTube’s social integration feature also allows publishers to get even more reach. Publishing video content on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ will feed it to social media followers who have their social media accounts integrated with YouTube.

YouTube can also be used as a tool to generate search engine traffic. Google’s search engine is designed to return diverse results for their users from news results, social media posts, to videos. In fact, it’s been shown that videos are more likely to rank in the top results than other content. That’s why it’s possible to publish a video on YouTube and get it ranked in the top results for competitive search terms. There are many businesses are using video SEO as a core part of their online marketing strategy.

Lastly, Internet marketers should not underestimate the distribution potential that YouTube offers. With proper promotion, videos can go viral fairly quickly. YouTube offers many sharing capabilities to users and many websites use YouTube feeds to fill their content. This makes YouTube one of the best platforms for developing market presence and brand awareness.

Some great examples videos that have gone viral include the Dollar Shave Club and Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty. The best part is that viral videos do not require a large budget for video production or need to come from an established brand. Many viral videos are largely low budget productions and became viral solely due to creativity.

In summary, there is an immense amount of value in YouTube. It can be a valuable asset for businesses whether it’s being used to generate search traffic, complement an existing social media campaign, or develop presence and brand awareness. Some advertisers are also getting great results from advertising on YouTube, which could be another way to profit from the site.