The Importance of Business Reviews

Mar 7, 2013

A business may have a great location, positive employees, a user-friendly website and offer a good product or service. However, should a person be displeased with a product, a service or customer service, today more than ever, that person may well take out built-up frustration online through social media or an online review.

A business that tries to do all the right things through positive promotion efforts can be blindsided when customers disappear and they have no idea why. When owners investigate, they may discover the world of online reviews. It is a mistake to dismiss these reviews. Instead, businesses need to not only take online reviews seriously, they need to incorporate this trend into their business SEO calculations.

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Negative reviews hurt, especially when owners and managers are doing everything possible to provide a positive product and customer experience. But negative reviews can also point up problems that need to be dealt with and the possibility of correcting the problem.

Business owners may also discover positive reviews online. Going over these reviews shows what the business is doing right and how to improve even on good service. Of course, positive reviews, with permission, can be used to further promote the business.

When business encourage feedback on a social media page or website, they will receive negative reviews that might otherwise be published elsewhere. When the reviews are send directly, a business has the opportunity to respond in a positive manner to the charges and, possibly, make things right before the public knows of the situation.

Interacting with customers via social media allows businesses to have a closer relationship with customers. When customers feel the company with whom they do business is listening and responding, they are more likely to work with the company to solve problems encountered–and pass that view along.

Businesses that stay on top of reviews have a chance to turn to mitigate negative consequences of a bad review. A business should never “go after” those who post negative reviews or compare themselves favorably against other companies. Instead, a business that responds to bad reviews with honesty and a willingness to address problems, may well turn the tide for other potential customers. Instead of turning customers away, a bad review may lead to more business if handled with integrity.

Positive reviews can increase business and should be elicited from customers. Businesses can provide a place for customers to share their experiences with a product or service. Reviews provide opportunities to offer even better deals on products and services rated highly.

Someone within the business should be assigned to check online sources where reviews about the businesses products and services might be found. Good reviews are positive company promotion, but handling bad ones correctly helps customers view the company in a more positive light.