Targeted or Random, Which Ads Work Best?

May 9, 2013

Which Type of Ad are You Working With?

Establishing a plan regarding budget and target audience is an important aspect in any marketing campaign. But in the world of pay per click advertising knowing who you are targeting and understanding where they are frequenting is vital to the success of any PPC campaign. While many marketers understand the importance of targeted ppc ads in contrast with random ads, comprehending why targeted ads will reach a specific demographic and audience more successfully is highlighted by how ads are targeted. There are several ways that marketers and business owners can use ads in a targeted way, to reach a specific viewer or audience members. By understanding the diverse methods of targeted PPC ads, a definitive place can be established.

According to Google, which network is displayed for PPC can help determine where ads show and to whom. By selecting “search,” marketers will establish ads when users type a keyword or phrase into the search field. Turning off the feature for “display network” prevents ads from cropping up on various, non-targeted web sites.

targeted ads

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the best ways to really target an audience, by understanding what they are searching for and how they are describing their problem or need. In addition, by having a clear comprehension of which keywords a targeted audience is using, marketers and business owners can also better optimize a website, helping provide relevant content that coincides with targeted PPC ads.

Excluding Unwanted Keywords

PPC adKeyword research not only helps highlight which words and phrases searchers are using, it can also reveal words and ideas that are not sought after and may not lead to the kind of traffic or clicks desired. By eliminating the keywords from ads and insuring that ads are not associated with those words or phrases at all, marketers can better target their desired audience and garner action from them. According to Google, negativing out specific words can help eliminate those keywords from being linked to a business or websites ads.

Additional methods of targeting a consumer or viewer can help marketers pinpoint who sees their ad, making the information and content shown more relevant to the reader and those who may click through. Targeting a specific audience in a specific place can help marketers tailor those ads more specifically and enhance their reach. Retargeting is one method of targeting a specific group (namely those who have previously visited a site or searched for a term).

In contrast with random ads that are shown in a variety of settings to a wide range of viewers, targeted ads can help marketers and business owners use their ads more effectively by giving them a specific group to write text and content for. Additionally, content can be created based on the environment where that specific, targeted ad frequents.