Tactics to Improve B2B Online Marketing Strategies

Apr 1, 2013

Business-to-business (B2B) online marketing requires the right strategies, know-how and skills to get the right deals sealed. In fact, getting a business interested in sealing the deal is one of the main challenges that B2B marketing strategies face. Below are some tips to make the process infinitely easier.

  1. Explain How a Product or Service Fulfills a Business’s Needs
  2. The number one goal in any B2B online marketing strategy should be to fulfill whatever the other business needs. That means when trying to market products or services to another business, the utmost care should be taken to highlight what problems it solves.

    B2B Marketing

  3. Find Out What They Want
  4. It’s not always clear as to what the other business in a B2B situation needs. That’s why it’s a great idea to find out. There are two extremely popular and effective ways to do this: Offer a free business consultation. Pay careful attention to website analytics. Both solutions take a certain knack to get just right, but they can go a long way towards increasing the number of businesses that convert in a potential B2B transaction.

  5. Don’t Skip the Little Things
  6. The goal of B2B online marketing is to open up the path to make a tightly knit relationship with another business. This requires a two-way street of communication, which means that the small details can sometimes be just as important as the large ones. The difference between a hit and a miss in a B2B transaction ca be decided by something as small as the features listed on a page. Make sure that everything is fully flushed out in detail. If there’s not enough room on a page, then make use of another page and a hyperlink. Nothing reassures another business more than knowing that the company that they’re putting their trust and money into has every angle handled.

  7. Keep Information Relevant
  8. There are few things that can cause a potential buyer to opt out from a deal than an overabundance of information. When dealing with B2B online marketing strategies, this means that every piece of information on a product’s page should be related to the product, the customer’s problem or how the product solves the customer’s problem. Narrowing down information so that it targets a specific type of customer will make it perform even better. For example, a certain demographic searches primarily for a certain phrase should be given a page that addresses just their concerns. This will result in a higher conversion rate than a broad page that funnels into a narrower focus.

  9. Utilize Business Networks
  10. One of the most overlooked sources of highly converting traffic that works to generate leads for B2B marketing strategies are networks designed specifically for businesses like LinkedIn, Facebook and even Twitter. Learning how to use these networks to drive business can give any business that much-needed edge over its competition.