Tablet Shipments will Surpass PCs by 2015

Jun 4, 2013

It’s no surprise that mobile devices are seeing a boost in use across the web and the world,prompting changes in the way people search for information, work and even play. But while there has been a surge in tablet use, the trend is only set to continue, provoking tablet ordering and consumption to surpass PC purchases and shipments by 2015.

Why Are Tablets Becoming So Popular

Many experts highlight the surge in tablet use and purchases as a sign of changes in consumers and their working, searching and entertainment consumption behaviors. The time users have to search and their attention spans are all important factors that have prompted an increase in the desire for an easier-to-use and simple device: the tablet. In addition, the increasingly portable lifestyles, time spent commuting, traveling and driving family and friends from activity to activity has also affected the types of devices consumers are drawn to and expect from electronics makers.

tablet vs pc sales

Portability and Ease

One of the most important factors sparking the rise in tablets in contrast to PC’s is the increased portability that many of the most popular versions and their manufacturers have taken into account. The introduction of the iPad mini has had a great affect on the tablet world, provoking companies to introduce even more portable products that meet the demanding schedules and on-the move consumers who are seeking a method of staying connected without the bulkiness of a PC or desktop computer.

What an Increase in Tablets Mean for Businesses

The rise in tablet use, in contrast with previous PC and desktop computer use means many changes for the way they shop, consume, buy, search and seek information. As a result, the way sites, advertisements and digital publications are created must congruently change with the method which consumers are receiving the presented information. The way a website is navigated must also be transformed to meet the need of a future filled with more tablet users. Navigation that made searching much easier on a PC can be cumbersome for tablet users. The design, types of media embedded within and way consumer navigated through menus and search bars are all different depending on the type of device being used.

By staying in tune with the way consumers are using media and electronics and their needs, businesses can insure they continue to meet those needs and stay up on what future desires buyers and audiences have. Paying close attention to transforming needs can help businesses and those producing consumer messages, that they are surrounded by a perception that their ideas and brand are simultaneously changing and meeting their target demographics needs. By tailoring the experience a consumer receives on a site or from a business in the digital world, companies can highlight their desire to meet transforming needs while showing up in the places where their target are searching and seeking.