Stop Buying Link Building Packages From Overseas Vendors

Oct 1, 2013

As the marketing and world of search engine optimization was rocked by Penguin updates, marketers and business owners alike have had to adjust their SEO plans while simultaneously transforming the way they view and use links to promote and drive traffic. But while many are aware of the problems tied to some of the linking schemes that may have been successful in the past, knowing where to begin when it comes to the role of links in new best practices can be a difficult slope for many to maneuver. Understanding the new role of links and how to best use them to promote a website, drive traffic and avoid penalties tied to black hat tactics is vital information that every business owner and marketer should understand as they look to the future of their site and develop a plan.

Link Farming and Overseas Link Packages

Buying Link Packages From Overseas vendorsPreviously back links could be purchased by the thousands, pointing to one’s website from farms of links and promoting them on major search engines. Until Google hit the web with a Penguin update. Link farms from overseas and those website who were using them to boost their site’s search engine optimization were affected by the update, causing some sites to experience a drop in traffic and placement that they had extreme difficulty overcoming. But while overseas link building packages and link farming efforts may have worked in the past, they are not one of the fastest ways a website or company can experience problems, drops in traffic and detrimental penalties.

Building Links vs. Buying Links

Despite the ease of buying links and the desire by every company and website to see results and reap the benefits of search engine optimization as soon as possible, building links has become the new best practice. While much more time consuming, building links can drive traffic in and of themselves while offering authority to a website by highlighting one’s status a thought leader and an industry front runner. Building links through mapping services, directories and from quality, authoritative sites can help a website get traffic from the very place their target demographic and searchers may be seeking them. Buying links may, if one is not caught by search engines, give a site’s search engine optimization a boost, but it may not come with traffic since many of the websites where links are coming from are useless or irrelevant. In contrast, a company who builds links by optimizing their listing in a relevant industry related directory may actually see traffic come from that lead source while gaining valuable links from a relevant source.

While search engine optimization is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses, marketers and web masters, taking the easy road is becoming more and more useless. Instead, taking the time to really invest in quality links and gain traffic from quality sites that add authority to one’s website can have long term, positive effects on one’s entire SEO plan and digital marketing efforts.