Should You Plan Your Content Marketing Strategy Around Big Events?

Jul 25, 2013

Planing A Content Marketing Around Big Events

Hosting and attending events can play an important role in networking, building a client base and attaching a face to the name and brand of a company. But although events are valuable in and of themselves, they can also play a great part in one’s content marketing strategy, providing topic ideas and tying such events to a businesses brand. Those attending events usually remember their experience, associating an event with positive memories or new people they met. Tying one’s business to those fond memories can help encourage brand recognition and future patronage. Additionally, events can be a great way to boost social media interaction, which can play a positive role in one’s search engine optimization efforts.

Avoiding the Conception of Business Content as Spam

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With the eruption of social media has come an increase in the prevalence of spam and companies who simply regurgitate information for the sake of having any sort of social media and online presence. Offering consumers, clients and colleagues information that is useful to them. Events that are related to one’s industry or relevant in the community can be a great way to build a presence and name recognition. But no matter how great an event is, sharing information prior to and after can garner an even greater amount of attention and buzz.

Highlighting event pictures, calendaring upcoming events and interacting with attendees through social media not only helps highlight the importance of them as attendees, it also keeps businesses and companies at the top of their mind should they need a product or service in the future.

Events as News

Press releases are have been an important method of announcing information to the world via news outlets as well as becoming a vital tool in the search engine optimization world, but recently Matt Cutts, Jead of SPAM at Google, announced that press release links are not counted. Building links is imperative to any SEO strategy and press release can provide quality links if the story gets picked up by an authoritative publication. Announcing and reporting on large events through press releases not only allows for a business or company to associate their brand with the event, it also reveals an opportunity for link building, which can boost one’s search engine ranking and draw eyes to one’s website.

Announcing and Reporting Events Via Email Marketing

While email marketing may have received a bad rap, some studies show people are still actively interacting with messages through their email, especially messages which are relevant to them. Gathering email addresses from attendees to announce future events and keep in touch regarding after an event has taken place is another great way to link to quality content and offer a message that matters to patrons and potential clients.