Should SEO Be Your Only Marketing Tactic?

Mar 15, 2013

There is no doubt that an effective SEO strategy can significantly enhance the ability of your company to make money. However, should SEO be the only tool in your arsenal when it comes to marketing your company? While the answer to the question partially depends on how your business operates, there are certainly pros and cons to this strategy.


Pro: Your Customers Come To You

Highly optimized content will rank high on Google search results. It will also be linked to and shared by millions of people around the world. This means that you don’t have to do anything other than create your site and watch the money roll in. Any business owner who can create an almost passive revenue stream is not going to be disappointed.

Con: Google Could Cut You Off

Google is constantly tweaking its formulas and criteria to determine which sites get the top spots in the search results. This means that you could be on top one day and on page 34 the next. If you rely solely on SEO to bring in customers, your company could experience a severe drop in revenue overnight.

Pro: Small Businesses Can Take Advantage Of This Tactic

Small business owners need to take advantage of any possible way to market their company without spending a lot of money. Optimizing content for the Internet typically only requires you to purchase your own domain as well as have access to an Internet connection to view your stats. Generally, a basic domain can be purchased for less than $1.

Con: A Business May Not Be Reaching Its Target Demographic

Although older people use the Internet at a higher rate these days, it is primarily teenagers and adults under the age of 30 who use the Internet to make purchases. This means that a company that is trying to target other demographics may want to use other marketing methods to ensure that all potential customers are being reached out to.

Pro: You Have A Worldwide Reach

The best part about using SEO as a marketing tactic is that you can reach anyone in the world. If you are small business owner, the Internet may be your only tool available to reach customers outside your local area. Over time, this additional market reach can be leveraged to grow the company and its brand past its home market.

Should a company rely solely on SEO to market a company? In some cases, it may be the best or only tool available to market to a wide audience. However, it may also cause you to alienate portions of your target market. Therefore, it may work for some companies while not working for others. It really depends on the size and target market that a company is going after.