Search Engine Optimization Tips for Local Businesses

Aug 15, 2013

Small business face particular challenges in the search engine optimization and digital marketing world because of the extensive competition and smaller marketing budgets. But despite the difficulties small, local businesses face when it comes to improving website SEO and their overall marketing plan, understanding the steps they may take to leverage their business, placing them in front of those searching for answers and solutions in their industry.

5 seo tips for local businesses

Time Investments

Investing time to adequately market one’s business while continuing to run the day-to-day operations of a smaller company can be difficult. But with a clear concise idea of the small steps that are necessary to optimizing one’s site it can be much easier to set aside the proper time to perform specific tactics and actions. While it may require a time investment to improve one’s search rankings, it can also require a long period of time to see real, viable results. While initial efforts may be frustrating to small business owners, long-term goals are often more important in the world of search engine optimization.

Create and Promote a Website

No matter how small one’s business is, creating and promoting a website is becoming a vital component in the world of marketing and advertising. Businesses without websites may seem behind the times technologically in the eyes of those searching for answers or a solution to their problem. In addition, as other methods of searching for businesses are replaced with the world-wide web showing up in the places where potential consumers and clients are searching for help is vital to growing one’s business. Despite limited budgets, small business owners can create simple websites that contain basic contact information and business content. A basic website filled with quality information, no matter how simple is better than simply not showing up on the web at all.

Business Information and Descriptions

A section that describes one’s business on a website can be a great place to highlight one’s company culture, describe offerings and inform potential clients about a business’s identity. Although writing content for an “About Us” page may seem difficult, explaining a business and offerings in simple terms can be important to exemplifying one’s identity as an industry authority.

Update Often

A blog can allow even the smallest business to display savviness in one’s industry while promoting one’s website with fresh content and adding new terms, keywords and phrases. In addition a consistently updated blog can help promote one’s business as active while promoting new ideas and prompting interaction, comments and questions. Blogs can also be a great place to describe local events and community involvement.

Images and Media: Creating an Interesting Website

A website filled with words can be overwhelming, turning potential clients away. Instead, filling pages with easy-to-read content that is short, bulleted and concise can do wonders for making information much simpler to consume. In addition, picture and videos are not only much more interesting to website visitors, they are also enjoyed by major search engine algorithms, adding value to one’s site while improving search engine optimization.